Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 5: FMUR 30 Day Challenge

Day 5: Favourite thing to do

I've actually really been slacking with these posts, and I'm starting to back date when I post. So today is actually 31st January 2011 but I'm posting it as if I wrote this on the 29th January instead. I've just had so much work lately. Sorry if you're actually following my blog properly and was waiting for an update! ><

For this blog update, I have to talk about my favourite thing to do. Only that's a bit difficult, because I'm not really sure what it is. I enjoy a lot of things:

-  shopping
- hanging out/ having fun with friends
- eating good food
- playing pool
- listening to music
- dressing up
- spending time with family
- watching dramas
- driving
- ice skating
- playing squash
- drawing
- sleeping
- thinking
- reading

But if you told me to pick one out of all of them - if I could only do one thing for the rest of my life - I would choose to spend time with my family.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I would do anything for my family. To some of my close friends, they actually find it annoying. They don't understand why I can treat my family so well compared to them, and why I can't show the same amount of love and patience with them. 

Don't get me wrong, I care for my friends, but just on a different level to how I care for my family. (Perhaps they think I don't care. Each to their own.) I just place my family on a higher step. I don't think I treat my friends badly, or that I've ever not gone out of my way to care for my close friends, but it's true that there is a definitive difference between the way I treat my family, and the way I treat my friends.

I just believe that family will always be there no matter what happens in your life. Whatever you do, say, don't do, or cause, your family will always be there to back you up. My parents will always give me unconditional love, and in that same way, I give them mine. I respect them.

I've had a close friend ask me in the past why it is that I'm willing to do certain things for my sister(s) without asking them why they want me to do it. I think it annoyed -said friend-. Like I said, I will do anything for my family. It doesn't matter what they ask me to do. I will do it, as long as it makes them happy. 

I guess that's the greatest difference between the way I treat my family and friends. I sometimes question why my friends want me to do certain things for them, but I will never question my family.

It's hard to know which one of your friends will always be there for you. 
Which one will you still be friends with when you're 60 and wrinkly? Will you still be best friends when you have your own families and perhaps forget to make time for each other?

I've blogged about friendships in way too many posts on my other blogs so I will shut up now and stop boring you all. (Yes, I have 3 other blogs LOL)

So yeah, back to the actual topic.

My favourite thing to do is to spend time with my family.

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