Thursday, 24 February 2011

China Updates

If you follow my Tumblr or Livejournal, you'll know that I've been meaning to post up diary entries from my China trip for a while now. I know it's been half a year since I went, and people probably don't care, but I want to post about what I got up to whilst I was out there. Mainly to let people know what it was that I spent half my summer doing, and why I constantly talk about it. It probably annoys the heck out of everyone how I keep going 'oh, I saw that in China!' or 'oh, I did that in China!' I would probably be annoyed too, but I hope by giving an insight into what I did on my travels, people will become more interested in the country, and perhaps even go visit it.

I think everyone has this idea that China is basically a country full of loud, rowdy people because that's the way that the ones we see in the UK tend to act. We call them FOBs and we have all these stereotypes against them. My time in China showed me just how diverse the country is - the cities differed from each other so so much, and I really don't think people should have such a damning view on both the people and the city. Beijing is not the same as Shanghai. Yes, Shanghai is more westernised because it's a tourist hot spot, but that doesn't make Beijing any less interesting or lovable. It's probably surprising, but after my stay in Beijing, Shanghai and Xian, my favourite place was actually Beijing. You'd think that for a person coming from a western country, I'd feel more attached to Shanghai, but you're wrong. It's not a stereotype that makes a country. It's the people within it. Even if you stereotype the people, you're never going to know what they're really like until you interact with them in their home country or on a more personal level. You could be judging me right now, but you'll never know what I'm really like until you get to know me properly. Yes, first impressions play a large part in how you 'judge' a person, but if you really think about it, do you still see your best friend or close friends the same way as you did when you first met them?

Give people and places the opportunities they deserve before you write them off as what you judge them to be.

On a lighter note, I'll be posting my China entries soon so watch this space.

Priscilla, Xx

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