Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day 16: FMUR 30 Day Challenge

Day 16: Music that I like

''Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.'' - Plato

I listen to a wide variety of music. I like main stream music, as well as more contemporary, acoustic, alternative and country music. I don't mean like chewing on hay kind of country music, but I like Carrie Underwood, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, The Wreckers, etc. I like songs with a good melody, with meaningful lyrics, and a good, powerful voice. I think lyrics are important because they're so easily spread to people world wide, and the more relevant your lyrics to people, the more likely it is to succeed in the industry. I mean, look at Bruno Mars. His songs are catchy, but more importantly his lyrics have meaning, and they go on to take the hearts of girls around the world, wishing that their SOs or crushes, etc. could have Bruno's mindset when dealing with them. I'm not against any type of music, because music can be soothing and/or healing. If I like it, then it doesn't matter if its rock, punk, screamo, indie, pop, r n' b, country, jazz, dubstep or soul.

''When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.'' - Edgar Watson Howe

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