Friday, 11 February 2011

Day 18: FMUR 30 Day Challenge

Day 18: My favourite beauty guru

I'm not gonna beat around the bush - I watch way too many beauty gurus on Youtube to be able to choose one. But I will mention the ones that I love watching the most.

My favourite beauty gurus are:

J1mmyb0bba (yeah he's a guy talking about guy products, but he's funny!)

They're probably not the most well known.. they are certainly not Michelle Phan (ricebunny) or Lindy Tsang (bubzbeauty), but I feel like they are more down to Earth.. and I can certainly afford what they use, haha. I don't have anything against Michelle or Lindy (I do watch them too) but I feel like I can better relate to the ones I've chosen.

Certainly not all of them only talk about beauty products. The two that I probably rank the highest on my list are BeautyQQ and Ilikeweylie. BeautyQQ (Queenie Chan) is so down to earth, and reminds everyone that confidence is the most important thing in being beautiful - that make up is only an art form to express yourself. When I first started watching Ilikeweylie (Weylie Hoang), she was doing hauls and tutorials, and her personality and smile made me love watching her videos. She gets compared to Jlovesmac1 a lot, but when I went to her channel and watched a video, I had to close the window within 5 seconds.. I don't bash/hate on beauty gurus because I believe they try their best at what they do. Just because I don't find myself wanting to watch their videos, doesn't mean that I have the right to bash on them. Why not let everyone have the chance to watch and decide for themselves? :) If you don't like what you see, then just close the window like I did :) But back to my main point. I've been loving Weylie's videos more and more lately, because she's started doing 'talking videos'.. or vlogs (kind of), where she speaks about the bigger things in life. Go and check out her channel if you want to know what I'm talking about. I seriously love this girl. I'd love to meet her and have a chat! haha.

I also rank Xteeener and Cydangie pretty highly on my list because they are both so down to Earth. Xteeener (Christine) is so friendly and makes it feel like you're talking to a friend when you watch her. Her tips and tricks, haul videos, and fashion videos are so informative, and although some gurus' haul videos can seem like they're showing off, Christine always appears humble for what she has. She is so naturally beautiful, and she uses drug store products, and understands her audience. What more could you ask for? Cydangie (Cydia Ng) is also another one of my favourites because she just brings me so much happiness when I watch her! She actually makes me laugh because she has such an awesome personality. I would love to meet her too! She just seems so genuine and pretty, and I love watching all her tag videos, reviews and favourites videos (because I love hearing her talk, in a totally non-creepy way, haha). She always replies to comments and she just seems like such a fun person to be friends with! All her looks have been beautiful, and her reviews are always honest. Honesty is such a large factor in giving reviews etc, because I find so many of the gurus are sponsored. I guess I just love all these gurus who are down to earth and treat those watching them as an equal.

Go check them out if you like the sound of them!

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