Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 24: FMUR 30 Day Challenge

Day 24: My favourite food

I seriously love food way too much to be able to just choose one..

1) Chips (or Fries)/Crisps/Potato waffles/Potato croquets. I LOVE POTATO.
2) Snacks - seriously any snacks.. all savoury snacks!! NOMNOMNOM. I'm not that much of a chocolate lover though.. I get sick of chocolate quite easily (but I do love me some chocolate digestives :D)
3) Mushrooms
4) Cheese on toast hahaha
5) Any Heinz soup
6) Korean pancake or ricecakes (but I tone down on the spice)
7) Japanese curry
8) Sushi
9) Shreddies! (I know, so random LOL)
10) Chicken and mushroom pie. OMG I love pie.

As you can see, I love carbs way too much to go on a diet LOL

I can't think of any more at the moment.. but it's making me hungry!!

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