Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Day 8: FMUR 30 Day Challenge

Day 8: A photo that makes you laugh

So being the indecisive freak that I am, I looked through as many photos as I could, and these are the photos that made me smile/ laugh the most:

(Caution: Picture heavy!!)

China 2010: Pushing the car back onto the 'road' after Chu decided to drive onto the kerb XD

7 Legged 2010: This photo just makes me laugh. 

HK 2010: Pulling faces at the Lomo Fish Eye Cam.

HK 2010: I think this is hilarious, haha.
China 2010: Doesn't make me laugh, but it makes me smile.

China 2010: I just love this photo. We were actually walking in there!

London 2010: This makes me laugh!

London 2010: I'm not sure we even have a normal photo together!

China 2010: Found this and realised how 'high' we all were, haha.

Nottingham 2009: One of the best nights in town.

Nottingham 2010: Hahaha, oh dear.

Nottingham 2009: I just love this photo.

Hope you all enjoyed my photos - a small glimpse into my life :)

Thanks for reading!

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