Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 9: FMUR 30 Day Challenge

Day 9: Favourite pair of shoes

Once again, I'm going to cheat! I've decided to do a pair of casual shoes and a pair of not-so-casual shoes :P

Casual: 'Converse Chuck Taylor Low Sneaker'

These are my favourite pair of casual shoes because I can actually wear them with anything. If I want to dress down a smart looking outfit, I'll throw on my Converses. If I'm just dressed for comfort, then I will still throw these on.

They're so grubby cos I wear them so much.

I think I actually seriously wear these all the time. Apart from in the colder months (like now), where I tend to where a pair of non-UGG slouchy boots purely for warmth.

I've worn them so much that they're falling apart!
Totally worn in and comfy, yay!

I know they look gross and that I should probably throw them out seeing as they're falling apart, but I've worn them in so much that they're beyond comfortable, haha. Probably one of my best investments in an item of wear! 

Non-casual: ALDO 'Spenard-28'

These are my favourite boots because they're the perfect height, and they're comfortable for a pair of heels. They're a tanned leather pair of boots that fall shortly below the knee. I also like them because they don't make me look short (for a pair of long boots), haha.

I remember when I went to buy these, I took ages deciding between this colour and a dark gunmetal grey colour. As I was really into darker shades back then, I had my heart set on getting the darker ones, but once I'd worn on colour on each foot, I could tell which one looked better straight away. The tan ones just stood out more. And the friendly lady working at ALDO came by and said she preferred the tan ones too.

Also one of the best investments I have made. I'm sure it's classic style will last me a long time.

Thanks for reading!

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