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E.L.F. Order: Swatches & First Impressions

I made my E.L.F. order on Wednesday (23rd Feb), got a text on the next day telling me they'd dispatched it, and went to collect it from the office today (Friday).. talk about speedy! Apparently they used to be really bad with orders, and they'd take about a month to arrive? Luckily they've improved their services and I've always got mine 2-3 days after I've ordered.

If you didn't read my post about deciding on what to order, here's a list of things that I got:

From the standard line:

- Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy
- Natural Radiance Blusher in Innocence
- Limited 32 Eye Shadow Palette in Every Day Basics
- Limited 32 Eye Shadow Palette in Every Day Brights
- Nail Polish in Teal Blue
- Eye Shadow Brush
- Defining Eye Brush
- Eye Crease Brush
- Blending Eye Brush

And from the ELF Studio line:

- Cream Eye Liner in Gunmetal
- Blush in Peachy Keen
- Blush in Tickled Pink
- Tinted Moisturiser SPF 20 in Porcelain
- Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful Cherry
- Powder Brush
- Blush Brush
- Small Smudge Brush

It gets very picture heavy from here. I think I edited about 50 photos -_- All pictures were taken in direct sun light. As always, click on the photo to view it in full size. 

I was quite surprised they managed to squash everything into this box at first, but when I opened it, I realised that it was because I bought a ton of brushes so there was plenty of space.

So desperate to open it I forgot to take a pic before, haha.

Not really a lot of stuff!

Anyway, let's start off with the blushes from both lines. Obviously the main difference between the standard line and the studio line is the packaging:

Top: Studio blushes. Bottom: Standard blushes

Standard line blushes in Innocence and Joy.

I didn't really expect the standard lined blushes to be that small, and it took me ages to work out how to open it -_- I'd heard about people not being able to open them, and then realising that you had to slide them open. So I sat there trying to slide it gently, but it just wouldn't budge! So eventually I had to use a load of force and slid it so hard that the whole lid flew off.. LOL I'm not sure it was supposed to do that..

Studio blushes in Tickled Pink and Peachy Keen.

The studio blushes were also smaller than I expected, because I expected them to be the size of the blush/bronzer duo. Obviously they're smaller because there's only one pan rather than two.. duh.. -_- how thick am I?

Studio packaging comes with protective plastic.

Some swatches of the four blushes:

All the blushes were pretty silky, and the standard line blushes were especially fine. I mentioned how I was worried about Tickled Pink being too dark for me but its actually quite.. sheer? It took quite a lot of swipes to build it up to the colour intensity seen on my arm (above).

I think my favourites are Shy and Innocence right now.. they're so baby doll :P

Next, I got the Studio Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful Cherry. I was a bit skeptical about it because red is such a difficult colour.. like I didn't know if it would match me? Anyways.. photos:

This lipstick is so pigmented that one coat is probably enough, and you'd probably put on a second coat if you wanted to look extra classy. I'm not sure it's the perfect match for me but I think it looks okay if I put on a really sheer layer. Like the other mineral lipsticks I have from E.L.F., I think they're quite moisturising, and definitely not drying. The finish is also kind of shiny? It's definitely not matte.

I also got the Studio Tinted Moisturiser in Porcelain in my order. It came in cardboard packaging which was probably a bit pointless seeing as everything was written on the tubing anyway:

I thought I'd compare the shade to NC20 to give a rough idea of how close the two shades were:

As you can see, the tinted moisturiser appeared to be more yellow than NC20. But it still blended out well on my face, and it made my face feel smooth. The only thing I didn't like it was the smell.. reminded me a bit of their 'sugar orange' scent they had in their all over cover sticks, and I also didn't like how it settled into drier areas of my face.

Next thing is the cream eyeliner. I already own one in black so I thought I'd try out gun metal. The colour actually looks the same as E.L.F.'s gun metal nail varnish when worn.

I decided to compare black and gun metal to show you exactly how dark gun metal is:

Gun metal contains shimmers.

I found that the intensity of the blue hue changed depending on the light.

Like the black cream liner, I really like it. I originally wanted to get brown and copper as well.. and now I'm kind of regretting not getting those too -_-

Also got their nail varnish in Teal Blue and it lived up to my expectations. I love the colour and two coats is enough :P

I did have to ask E.L.F. why there was no boxed packaging, and they said that they're switching over to this way instead, where they seal around the bottle. So I guess they're becoming more environmentally friendly as well as being animal free. *big thumbs up*

Was majorly excited for the next two products!

Some of the colours actually do repeat themselves between the two palettes but I still think it's worth it for the colours that aren't! I played around with the colours earlier and most of them are quite pigmented, apart from the ones with chunks of glitter. They don't seem to show up that well.

And then I got some brushes, but they're pretty standard. Both the standard and studio line brushes are quite soft (can't find the individual photo for blending brush):

Not a lot to say really.. hope you found this extremely long post helpful!

Priscilla, Xx

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