Monday, 28 February 2011

I don't even know what I should title this post. I missed out on an important opportunity through my lack of self discipline and motivation. I hold so little hope for the future now. I am so close to giving up. Funny how this blog was never intended for posts such as these but I still post them here. I don't even know who reads these posts but I still feel like I'm talking to someone. I escaped from xanga to try and get out of my depressing posts.. and here I am just posting more. Funny how things don't change really.

I guess I've learnt an important lesson this time. Apparently, everything happens for a reason. I'm not into believing that right now. I'm believing everything happens because of a reason. And that reason is my own stupidity. Who would've thought? At least it wasn't a life or death situation.. then who knows who would be dead apart from me?

This should really be one of the greatest motivations and lessons in life for me to move on. Weird, isn't it, how nothing makes you see things more clearly than failure. It seems like the only things that make you upset are the ones that end up changing your world.

I just hate how it takes falling down and getting upset in order to learn lessons from the consequences. But then I guess that's life.

Such a shame that I always forget my lessons and then have to be taught them again constantly.

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