Sunday, 20 March 2011

NOTW & Review: Coral and Black Shatter Dupe

I'd heard all the raving about OPI's Black Shatter polish, and me being me, I couldn't justify spending £10+ on a nail polish.. so I just had to sit here and be tormented by fellow bloggers >< BUT DO NOT FEAR, I was online one night and came across the Barry M Nail Effects polish and basically it ended up with me crawling all over the internet for a good deal, and finding that Boots was my best bet. So whilst I was in town yesterday, guess what I managed to pick up?! YEAH BOY I got the Barry M Nail Effects <3 I knew that my friend wanted to get the OPI Black Shatter and had found that too expensive as well, so I told her about the Barry M dupe and when we got to Boots, we headed straight for the Barry M shelf and there were about 20 of them just sitting waiting for us! (I was quite surprised because the Boots site said they were all sold out.) They also had a 2 for £5 offer so I obviously had to take advantage of it and get another polish to go with it :P

I HAD to try it as soon as I got home, so this week's NOTW is Barry M's Nail Paint in 296 Coral and 311 Nail Effects:

On first impressions, it does its job well but I've discovered that you have to do it really really quickly and attempt to apply it all in one go, otherwise you risk it not shattering in the middle. You can kind of see my brush strokes if you look at bottom of my nails carefully, but then again no one would do that in real life.. The colour of the Barry M Nail Paint in Coral is toned down by the Nail Effects - it's a lot brighter without the shatter polish on top. It does dry extremely quickly so you have to do everything quick - apply quick, and put the lid back on quick. I've heard from people who already own this that it tends to go quite gloopy after first use? I reckon it has something to do with it drying up in the bottle if you leave the lid off for too long.. I guess I'll just have to see. I currently love this though because it's basically a bargain compared to the OPI Black Shatter and it does exactly the same thing! LOVE.

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