Tuesday, 29 March 2011

NOTW: Cyan Blue and Instant Nail Effects (Black)

At first I thought Barry M only had the shatter effect polish in one colour, but it turns out they've started selling them in White Frost (white), Pink Fizz (pink) and Blue Print (blue) as well! I'm definitely keeping an eye out for them the next time I go shopping and I'm hoping that I manage to pick one up in every colour! Really want to try the pink and blue ones :P My cousin reminded me that the white one might look a bit tippex-y >< Regardless, I will try and pick up all three! Keep an eye out for a post on that, because I will definitely post swatches if I manage to get my hands on them!

ANYWAY, this weeks' NOTW is Barry M in 294 Cyan Blue and 311 Nail Effects in Black. 

Forgot to mention in my last post that with the black shatter polish, it's best to use a clear top coat because the matte black effect doesn't really look too good. Plus the black polish can start to flake off if you don't.

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