Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Review: No 7 Exfoliating Sponge

Remember I went out last weekend and kind of hauled some stuff from Boots? (It feels like it's been much longer than a week -_-) Well I've been trying out the No 7 Exfoliating Sponge that I technically got free with the £5 No 7 voucher..

On the back of the packaging, it says:
'For radiant skin use regularly to help remove dead skin cells and aid circulation. Apply your No7 cleanser to the face. Moisten sponge with warm water and massage gently over the face in a circular motion. Use once or twice a week.'

Well, I've used it twice this week, and can I just say, it was the most painful form of exfoliation I ever experienced in my life T_T I am so glad that I didn't actually have to fork out four quid for this ridiculous sponge because OH MY GOD I felt like I was using a metal scourer to wash my face.

If you just hold the sponge in your hand, it feels pretty similar to the scourer side of a washing up sponge, only the fibres are probably a little less harsh and less compact.

I wasn't even scrubbing my face with the stupid thing - I just 'massaged' it over my skin. To be honest, I probably barely even let it touch my skin! It was so painful I swear my skin was so red after I'd managed to cover my whole face and wash off my face wash -_-

And what results did I get from this sponge? Next to no exfoliation really. I think next time I'll just stick to my facial scrub. I've also been wanting to try those plastic face exfoliators but this 'experience' has left me wondering if that will be just as painful.

Has anyone else tried something similar to this? Or even tried this same product? Did you find it painful too, or am I just being a wuss?


  1. I have one of these stashed away, waiting to be used... Now I'm too scared to try it :S




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