Sunday, 20 March 2011

Weekend Shopping and Good Offers

Yesterday was probably the most tiring day I've had all week.. and it was supposed to be the weekend -_- I had a good time anyways though - went out to town and ended up spending way too much and rushing back to campus and missed out on bagging a good deal :( I really wanted the stuff as well! Oh well, I'd rather go again some other time to pick it up than have to wait another two hours for a bus -_- This is why I don't like my campus most of the time RAH. Anyways, this is basically going to be kind of like a haul post? I don't really know if I want to start writing haul posts but I did get some good deals so I wanted to share them :P 

I'm just gonna run through my day.. sorry if it bores you..

First place we stopped off at was Wagamama's for lunch:

I think this was called Chicken Donburi? Not too sure..

Chicken Katsu Curry!

Chu Chee Curry
I love Wagamama's for their Chicken Katsu Curry and because I always feel like their service is so fast and the people are so friendly even if they're really busy.. Although I've only ever been to the one in Nottingham so I don't know if it's just the people who work there who are efficient or something..

Then we went to Boots and I picked up my Clinique face wash and got my free gift! I checked in the morning before going out to see if there was still a Bonus Time running at John Lewis because I'd forgotten, but I found that it'd finished and Boots were doing one instead.. had to take advantage of that >< Got two face washes because I didn't fancy spending on more make up, and got the following free:

- Liquid Facial Soap Mild 50ml
- Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 30ml
- Youth Surge SPF 15 Age Decelerating Moisturiser 15ml
- Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad (see pic for colours)
- Double Ended Eyeshadow Brush and Sponge Applicator
- High Impact Mascara 4g
- Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in 01 Apricot 7ml

My face washes and the free gift!

Reminds me of a cake tin xD
Kind of a shame I'll only use the palette, gloss and mascara.. feel like I miss out!
Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad: Beach Plum, Strawberry Fudge, Like Mink Duo

I didn't really know if it was worth getting an extra face wash just to get the Bonus Time gift, but then my friend said I might as well seeing as I'd be buying one once I finish the other new bottle anyway.. so I got it.. :/

After I'd paid, the Clinique assistant gave me a £5 voucher for No 7 and Ruby & Millie products which I didn't think much of ("what can I get for £5 from these higher end brands?"), then we set off for the make up shelves to look for Barry M Nail Effects - see my blog post on it here. After I'd paid for my Barry M polishes in 296 Coral and 311 Nail Effects, the lady at the till gave me another £5 voucher.. so then I set off to look at No 7 and Ruby & Millie things that I could get.. At first I thought I could use the vouchers together but it turned out I couldn't -_- I considered getting No 7 nail polishes (£7) and paying £2 for each but I have way too many polishes and the colours weren't that interesting.. so I ended up getting a Ruby & Millie i-Define Brush (£6.64) and a No 7 Exfoliating Sponge (£3.78) instead. The Exfoliating Sponge was free, and I paid £1.64 for the R&M brush which I thought was a pretty good deal! E.L.F. studio brushes are £3.50 and R&M is supposed to be more professional? *shrug* I haven't tried it yet but it looks quite soft and precise..

We picked up some stuff from Wilkinson's after this, then set off to H&M and New Look.. I ended up getting a dress from H&M which I really shouldn't have >< I just couldn't put it down cos I liked it so much!! Really need to have more self control GAHHH but yeah, then I wanted to grab a skirt and some shorts from New Look but the queue was moving way too slowly and I had to abandon them T_T Was going to use the 'spend £30, save £5' offer but I don't lose much by buying it with a student discount instead so it's ALL GOOD.

Can't really think of anything else I got, but I thought the Clinique Bonus Time was an okay offer.. Debenhams seem to have the best free gifts? Not sure why. And you might like to get things from Boots instead of Superdrug if you were thinking of saving money in Superdrug but wanted to get No 7 products. You'd probably save more by buying in Boots and spending vouchers on No 7. Not sure when it ends but they seem to have them all the time anyways :P

Hope you had a good weekend, Xx

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