Saturday, 2 April 2011

Daily Life: Finally Home!

As you can see from the title, I'm finally home! Having been away for 3 months, it feels so so good to be at home catching up and chilling out with my family. It's really the little things you miss, like sitting in front of the TV and watching dramas together.

As soon as I'd set foot in the house and dumped my stuff, my sister told me that 2 boxes had arrived for me, and a package came for me that same morning. I knew that another package had come for me the week before as well so I was crazy excited at opening them all! I'd ordered 3 separate orders from ASOS, two with my Groupon vouchers, and I'd also ordered some stuff off eBay. So basically I tore them open and can NOT wait to take pics and upload them to share with you guys. I haven't touched any of the make up that I got yet, but I'm already wearing the jewellery that I got because I love it so much :P

It'll be a lot harder to update from home because I'm usually online a lot less compared to at uni, but I'll try my best! I have lots of work and revision to be getting on with too so I'll be trying to balance all of that as well. I can't wait for my other parcel to arrive and share all of my internet haul with you guys all in one go! *excitement*

Hope you guys have an amazing Easter holiday and I'll update as much as possible!

Priscilla, Xx

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