Thursday, 28 April 2011

Daily Life/Haul: I spent two hours in Boots..

As I mentioned in my last post (about a week ago *sigh* I really need to start posting more), I met up with my friend Christine yesterday and we went out to Westfield for a 'bit of shopping'. I can't tell you how that 'bit' of shopping became a total draining of my bank account hahaha. 

We went for lunch at Nando's:
Obligatory asian picture of food

And then we set off for Boots.. where we actually spent two whole hours going down each and every make up aisle repeatedly, trying to decide how to get the most out of the 3 for 2 deal. Christine wanted a Barry M nail polish but figured it wouldn't be worth paying about £15 for 2 things and then only getting a £3 polish for free, so she picked up 6 things in the 3 for 2, and got her nail polish separately. It's so true! That's why I didn't get the Barry M shatter in Blue that I wanted.

So, what did I get?

The Boots wipes weren't in the 3 for 2. They were just 3 for £3 so I bought 3 packs. I like having face wipes to wipe off make up before washing my face because I feel like face wash doesn't remove make up thoroughly. I usually use the Simple face wipes because I have sensitive skin, but this was a pretty good deal.. worth a shot.

Fragrance free - perfect!
Suitable for skin that is sensitive or allergic to perfume

I used one of these wipes last night, and my first impressions were that it was no where near as 'wet' as the Simple face wipes. I seem to remember the Simple ones feeling quite refreshing, but these just felt a little damp and seemed to dry out quickly. I don't know if I'd buy these again - I don't think it got rid of as much make up as the Simple ones can.

No! They are not the same colours!! ><

I picked up 6 things in the 3 for 2: 4 lipsticks, 1 lip gloss, and a No 17 Photo Flawless Mascara in Black Copper for my sister. I stupidly didn't check the mascara until about 3 hours later (I was still in Westfield), and found that the mascara had actually been used before and was basically empty T_T Why do I always get the faulty goods? T_T

I took it back and told the cashier that I'd only just seen it, and because the packaging was still intact on the lid when I bought it, I'd assumed that it was new. Luckily the manager had spoken to me earlier and remembered me, so she swapped the mascara for a new one.

YAY for being lucky once in my life.

Left to right: Revlon Pink in the Afternoon, Maybelline Colour Sensational in Pink Brown, Maybelline Colour Sensational in Mystic Mauve, No 17 Shine On in Flirty.

Look what happened when I opened the lid to swatch my No 17 lippie!! *cry*
I hate when this happens!!! And it was brand new as well!! *complains some more*

Here are some swatches.. I apologise for my scaly hand... ><
Left to right: Pink in the Afternoon, Pink Brown, Mystic Mauve, Flirty

You can't tell, but I promise you that each lipstick is different to the other in terms of shade, colour, pigmentation, etc. I'll do a separate post for proper swatches and reviews because this is getting really long ><

I forgot to mention that from the way the cashier *beeped* my items, I ended up getting the 3rd most expensive and the 6th cheapest thing (overall cheapest thing) for free! I figured he'd put all 6 things through the till and that the 2 cheapest things would be free, but no! I think I got a pretty good deal muahaha. Maybe you guys should try making them *beep* items in a certain order when you next have a 3 for 2 offer ;) I know I will cos I'm so cheap hahahaha

After Boots we went clothes shopping and I picked up some shorts from New Look. I'm sure they'll feature in an OOTD soon if I can figure out a way to take full body length pictures at uni.

For dinner we went to Wagamama's:
Chicken Katsu Curry

Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Not sure what this was called, but basically about 5 dumplings with loads of beansprout

It was a really good day out, and I had a lot of much needed fun. I love hanging out and going shopping with Christine -  I always have so much fun, and I think it's partly because we have quite a few similar interests. We have so many memories and experiences together even though I've known her for just over a year! Thanks for coming out Chu :P

I'll stop being cheesy now, hahaha

Now I have to go finish my coursework and dissertation >< I'll try and post more over this week but if not, then my next post will probably be after I hand in all my work on Tuesday.. Wish me luck guys!

Also, William and Kate's wedding is tomorrow! Who will be tuning in to watch it? If not, what will you be doing?

Take care guys!
Priscilla, Xx


  1. the food looks so delicious:))

  2. boy do i miss Boots and Wagamama's... i remember spending hours at Boots when i was living in oxford lol =P
    i need to go back to England!

  3. Hello!(:

    the food looks so good! haha

  4. @Rave @Sue Lyn: The food is so yummy ^^ You guys should try some if you're ever in the UK :) The restaurant's called Wagamama :P

    @ChocoDisco: I used to prefer Superdrug over Boots because I felt like everything was cheaper there, but then I realised Boots has some amazing stuff and some pretty good deals! Ooh, let me know if you do come visit UK and how your trip goes!



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