Friday, 22 April 2011

Daily Life/Haul/Offers: Everything shoved into one post

I finally got out of the house and managed to get to a shopping centre yesterday!! *overly happy* I haven't been out the house apart from going to the supermarket (which doesn't count as shopping) since I've been home, and I thought I was going to go crazy from reading papers T_T

Anyways, we went to 'yum cha' (aka go eat dim sum and literally drink tea) with my grandparents, then we ended up at the Harlequin to do a bit of quick shopping. And by quick, I really mean I spent about 45 minutes in M&S waiting for, and then getting, a bra fitting, and then spending all of 5 minutes in Boots before I had to head off home.

And look what I managed to get!! I'd been really wanting the pink, blue and white Nail Effects since I'd heard they'd released them, so once I saw that they had the pink, I had to get it. For some reason they didn't even have a space on the Barry M stand for the white and blue, so I guess they just don't sell them at all in Boots. My sister managed to pick up the blue one for my cousin last time, but she got it from Superdrug so I'm going to look there when I'm next out. I also really wanted the red glitter so I got that too :P The black polish is for my sister - she was looking for a good black polish to paint her tips so I figured I'd get that too seeing as it would basically be free..

Because Boots are doing 3 for 2 across ALL COSMETICS! When I saw that I was so gutted I couldn't stay for longer. I really wanted to take a look at the Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks and the Rimmel and Revlon stands. I told my friend about the offer they're having and we both said that we HAVE to go to Boots when I meet up with her next week - I think I've turned her into a make up addict too hahaha

I asked the SA when the Boots offer would end and she said it would be on for the next 4 weeks so we've all got plenty of time to wait for loans or pay cheques :P

Also, I don't know how weird this will sound because I haven't seen anyone post about them, but after my bra fitting, I basically have to throw out all the ones I own because it turns out I've been wearing the wrong size for about a year and a half T_T The lady at M&S was really helpful and was telling me everything that was wrong with the one I was wearing, and what it should be like, etc. I really recommend getting measured at M&S instead of La Senza (if you live in the UK)!

I have actually been told the past two years when I got measured that the size I was wearing was wrong, but because the size that I measured to be dug into my ribs and was seriously uncomfortable, staff at La Senza told me that I would be okay wearing the size that I was already wearing even though it didn't actually fit.

When I went to M&S yesterday, I had exactly the same problem with exactly the same sizes, but the sales assistant helped me find a solution to that. I'm now a totally different size and it fits perfectly. I don't think I'll be going back to La Senza for fittings. Now I just feel like they say you're okay whatever size just to make you buy their stuff T_T

I was going to post up pics of my new pretty bras but then I thought that it would be really weird.. even though I just wrote about getting a bra fitting for the whole of the internet to read... :/


Have any of you girls ever worn the wrong size thinking it was right? Did it shock you that there could be such a big difference both in comfort and 'the numbers' between the size you thought you were compared to the size you actually measured to be? 

Also as a side Q, how old do you guys think I am? 
(I ask this question because I got told I looked 15 and 12 yesterday so now I'm curious)

PS. I hope this post wasn't too weird.


  1. I have the Black effect one and love it! I'd love to try more from Barry M.

  2. @Tara: do you have Barry M in the US? Or do you have to order them online? Xx

  3. i have the black nail effect varnish, i love it, i really want to try the white one!

  4. @D I really want the blue one now but I'm still unsure about the white cos I think it might look a bit tippexy :/ If you get hold of it though, let me know what you think :P

  5. Great blog Priscilla! I hear a lot of good things about the Barry M polishes - I wish I could get my hands on a few :D I've been measured a few times but I still think that I'm wearing the wrong size band - newer bras always tend to dig into my ribs so much it leaves an impression at the end of the day. They get more comfy once they stretch out a bit though ><

    Thanks for following btw! I'm following you back ^^

  6. You're so right about bra sizes!! Omg I had been wearing the wrong size for AGES (read: years) just because I was lazy and didn't want to get measured. Serious mistake. And I kept buying the wrong size because I didn't see I was doing something wrong.

    Then one day it just appeared to me: Girl, your bra is wrong! So I got measured and bought new ones. I <3 my new bras. Somehow I look so much more in proportion with them :p

    Good you got out of the house. I've been locked inside for the past couple of weeks, I know how it feels to finally go out and buy something nice for yourself. ^^

    Good luck hun!!

  7. Oh right: how old I think you are? Hmm, not sure... around 20? If I'm wrong I'm going to be so embarrassed ^///^

  8. I've actually never been measured for my bra size before...I just try on all the different ones that are close to what I normally wear and buy the one that's most comfiest as not all styles have the same fit. We have La Senza and VS in Canada but I think the La Senza styles seem to fit me better ^^


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