Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Gifts: Front Cover Collection

My friend got me these from the Front Cover Winter/Autumn 2010 Collection for Christmas, and I've still not had the chance to use them! I know Winter and Autumn are long gone, but I figured it'd be good to share them here because you never know when someone might be looking for a swatch or a review :P

I got given the Front Cover Deluxe Moonlit Metals set, and the Sparkle Exotic Eyes set.

Moonlit Metals contains 6 loose pigment powder pots, 2 loose glitter pots, an eyeshadow primer, and a double ended applicator. 

It also came with instructions on how to use the pigments and glitters on the inside and the back of the box.

The Exotic Eyes kit contains 3 domed baked powder shadows, and also contains the loose pigment pot Cloud Dancer, which is also in the Moonlit Metals kit. The set also contains a double ended applicator, a double ended blue/black mascara and top coat sealer, and a blue/black cream kohl liner with a smudger on the other end.

The inside of the lid also contains a mirror, whilst the back of the kit also includes instructions on how to get a specific look.

I haven't managed to swatch them and take pictures yet but I'll try get some tomorrow in natural light and upload ASAP. Apparently 21 degrees tomorrow! :D (Celcius)

Also, my last ASOS order came today!! Excited to show you guys my bag :) I don't think I'll open my friend's package though, that'd probably be a bit rude :/

Hope you're all having a good week :)

Priscilla, Xx

*EDIT* (06-04-11):

I've managed to take some true colour pics of the shadows! My sister kindly lent me her DSLR so I've got some amazing quality pics to share with you guys :) Didn't swatch the loose pigment pots because I didn't want them to get all over her camera, but I've got some pics to share nonetheless :D

Exotic Eyes
You can see the shimmer on the Black Spark shadow a lot better in the picture above. The picture below more or less shows the true colour of the Black Spark shadow - it really is more black than blue compared to when it's in its baked dome shadow form.

Baby Blue was quite disappointing because it came out hardly blue! I thought it was such a pretty colour in the kit so I was a bit annoyed. Moondust is just a shimmery shadow - it's literally pale shimmer instead of a cream white shadow that might be expected.

Moonlit Metals

Like I said before, I didn't manage to get swatches but I did manage to get close up and good quality pictures of each pigment/glitter pot!


Dawn Chorus

Cloud Dancer


Deep Lake


Prism Violet

Prism Violet (again)

Cloud Dancer also comes in the Exotic Eyes set so I didn't bother taking photos of that twice. Hope this helped a little bit? Now, back to my dissertation T_T

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