Monday, 4 April 2011

Haul: ASOS & eBay *Picture Heavy*

Okay, so I'm too impatient and excited to wait for my last ASOS order to arrive before I share my haul, so here is the majority of it! I'm just waiting on a bag and a ring that I got for my friend.

For two out of my three ASOS orders, I used my Groupon vouchers from a while back. I posted a link on here earlier because it was such a good deal! But it's ended now. Anyways, in my first two orders, I ordered an angel single wing ring, a double cross ring, and the Urban Decay Preen Shadow Box. I think it's known as the Show Pony Shadow Box in the US. I had trouble deciding between this and the Deluxe Shadow Box, but in the end I chose the Preen because it would be my very first Urban Decay palette and I didn't really want to choose something with a lot of colours that I probably wouldn't end up using. Plus I really wanted to try the UD 24/7 Glide On Liner in Zero as well, and as it comes in sample size in the Preen Shadow Box with a sample UDPP, I ended up ordering it.

(Btw this post is very very picture heavy)

Some pics of my rings:

I do like my double cross ring, but I don't love it.. I do absolutely love my angel wing ring though! I just think it's so pretty and unique! I got it for £6 because it was on sale. The double cross ring wasn't on sale, so I got that for £8.

Left to right: Painkiller, Smog, Toasted, Flash, Mildew, Snatch
I was actually quite annoyed when I opened the palette because you could tell that someone had touched the shadows before. It didn't look like they'd been used a lot, but you could tell that someone had swatched them once or twice. I checked the pencil but it didn't look used, but the UDPP sort of did? I couldn't really tell with that. I was tempted to send it back because Snatch actually had dents in it, but I figured there was no point because it was just as likely they'd send me another one that had also already been opened before. So I'm planning to clean the shadows with some alcohol. I'm not expecting there to be much UDPP left :/ Guess that's one of the bad things about buying from a site that allows people to return their make up after purchase..

I got the Preen Shadow Box for ~£9 because it was originally priced at £19 but my Groupon voucher allowed me to get any non-sale item from ASOS at £20 or over for the voucher price, which was £9. I thought it was the perfect chance to try out some more expensive make up. Apart from the initial upset at receiving less than new make up, I'm quite liking the colours. I know I'll definitely be using the three neutrals a lot.

Now, onto my mini eBay haul!

I ordered these a while back but since I hadn't been home since, I only managed to check them out now. The first thing that I got was the Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream. I bought it with a key chain sample size of the same BB cream, and a mini lip gloss was thrown in for free. Considering it was shipped all the way from Korea, delivery was super speedy. Just under a week! 

I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but I did break the seal just to take these photos! I guess after the whole UD shebang, I'm quite glad that this had a hygiene seal. The cheek and lip tint looks really cute and I'm looking forward to using it ^^ I can't wait to try the actual BB cream either - I've heard some good reviews.

The other thing I got was MAC Matte2 Eye Shadow in Copperplate. I heard it was a good colour for brows, and because it was a lot cheaper on eBay than in stores, I picked it up.

Like most beauty guru recommendations, this one is perfect. The colour and shade is perfect and I'm glad I looked on eBay first before walking into a MAC store! I think I'm going to be making eBay a first point of call when it comes to buying more expensive things. You all know I like a good deal, and this was about 2/3 of it's original price, and it was brand new! 

I'm also thinking of selling my clothes on eBay too. I've got so many that I haven't even worn it's awful. Some of them I've worn once and then never touched again. Other people will probably get more wear out of it than me. I usually take my clothes down to the charity shop but I keep seeing people holding blog sales, and I've seen so many clothes being sold on eBay that I might start by selling some new pieces on eBay first and seeing how that goes. 

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my haul! I'll post with the my other ASOS order when it comes in, and I also need to upload my Forever 21 haul pics so I can finish off that post! 

Thanks for reading! Hope you all have an awesome day/night.


  1. omg so cute collections..i love the rings..i want one^^ wow i didn't know asos had wing rings

  2. I'm curious about that BB cream! :p How was it?

    And is Copperplate a good brow color for Asian skintone?

  3. I'm so jealous right now :P
    I've been yearning for the udpp but it is too expensive in Australia.

  4. @Mi_Mi I didn't know they had such nice jewellery until I checked on a whim XD

    @Rainy Days and Lattes I've worn it once but I think it looks a bit too pink for me :/ I might do a review on it :) And I like Copperplate! It looks really natural on unlike the other fillers that you can get :P

    @Tam aww!! Have you tried the ELF primer? I have both and I think they're just as good :P Or you could get someone to send it to you in a swap? :)


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