Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Haul: ASOS & Forever 21

I'm finally back! I feel like I've been away for ages when in reality it's only been a week.. (I think I'm getting addicted to blogging).. you probably didn't even realise I was gone :P

I mentioned last time when I posted my ASOS and eBay haul that I would post my ASOS and Forever 21 purchases as well. Sorry it's been so delayed >< I've been over loaded with work but I always keep my promises so here it is :)

I got two stretchy high waisted skirts in royal blue and khaki, a 3/4 length long brown top and a pair of flats from Forever 21. I bought a dress as well but I returned that - I didn't get a chance to try it on before returning it because I was away from home when the order arrived, but I got my sister to try it on for me because we're basically the same size and build.

(I apologise for the quality of the next two pictures..)

I thought the box was so nice cos I've never seen such a thin shoe box before ^^"

I love the encrusted beads/'jewels' on these shoes!! You can tell by the fact I got carried away with taking pictures of it :P I'm worried the bronzey-gold colour will be hard to match clothes but if not then I'll just wear them all the time with tights hahaha 

If you've got suggestions of what you think it'll look good with, please leave me a comment and let me know! :) I love getting opinions :P

I do want to have a little rant about the customer service at Forever 21 though. I applied for a refund the day after the parcel was delivered but it took them a week to organise a collection, and when it came to the day of collection, they never turned up. I had to contact them again (twice), and my sister had to wait pointlessly at home on two more dates before they finally collected it (on a totally different and unorganised date as well). RAH >< Okay, rant over.

This is the bag that I got from ASOS with my Groupon voucher. Original price was £37 (I think) but I got it for £26 :) The first thing that hit me when I opened up the plastic packaging that it was in, was the smell - there was such a strong smell of plastic >< But it's such a pretty bag! I really like the style and the mini double straps on the side, but I think it definitely needs a bit of airing out before I start taking it out with me :/

Hope you enjoyed my haul :) 

I'll leave you all with some pictures from my week :P 

What happens when I have a looming deadline..

Pretty BBQ!! ^^

I hope to catch up on sleep and reduce my eye bags some how this week hahaha. What are you guys up to this week? Hope you all have a good one! 

Love, Priscilla Xx


  1. Those flats are so pretty! I love it!
    That bag from River Island is really neat, too. They do quite a lot of inspired stuff. I used my Groupon voucher to get a pair of floral shorts from ASOS. That voucher was so good, wish they did more of it :D

  2. great loot! I love your flats! :)

  3. ah i love your bag from asos! im sure your flats will look fine with any pair of dark wash denim!

  4. OOoh, you should show us a picture of you wearing those new skirts! I'm really curious about what they look like...
    And I love your new handbag. I've heard a few other people complaining about their handbag smelling of the plastic wrapping, but I'm sure once it's aired the smell will go away ^^

  5. nice haul, love the flats! btw, I'm about an NC 15 (winter)and NC 20-25 (summer).

  6. love the bag so cute! :)

    love, carmen

  7. Haha I got the same exact bag from Asos! I haven't gotten around to posting it yet though :P I hope the smell goes away soon - the bag is so cute otherwise ^^ Love the flats you got too :)

  8. the bag is so cute, i want one like that :))) please check out my makeup blog too when you have a moment <3



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