Sunday, 10 April 2011

Wish List: Uniqlo Printed Tees

So I've ordered some tees from Uniqlo for my cousin, and everyone's been really into the Big Bang hype when their tees came out, but I wasn't really interested in that. However, I got sent a newsletter from Uniqlo the other day, and I saw a tee that I'm now lusting after! >< They seem to be doing a lot of collaborations lately, and now they've teamed up with ANTONI & ALISON, Franche Lippee, Warner Bros and Disney, and Cath Kidston's selling charity shirts. Like what?! WANT! So I've been browsing and I thought I'd share what I want to pick up from the store once I finish this dissertation of mine..

(Picture Source:

These two shirts are so cute!! I originally wanted the off white one, but now I can't decide between the two colours!

I really like both of these as well! Which one do you prefer? (Which one should I get?) I really can't afford both but they're so cute :( 

These two are from Franche Lippee, and I really like both of these colours as well! You can probably tell by now that I'm amazingly indecisive. Your input is greatly appreciated!! Someone help me decide!! hahaha

These Cath Kidston tees don't really look that special, but I figured the top one would look pretty good with some accessorising. I do however think they look a bit more like pajamas than casual tees? (Especially the bottom one :/ I think it's the pale print.)

Help me out guys.. which tops do you like from the different collections, or from the ones that I've posted here? Which ones should I get?


  1. I really love the Franche Lippee tees! :) They are adorable!!

  2. really cute tees there! i like uniqlo, it's much cheaper in japan than uk for sure!! although i dont think these designs are available.

  3. Thanks for following!! I followed you back, as you might've already seen ^_^
    Cute shirts! I especially like the ones with the whales (at least, I think those are whales), because... Well because they're whales!

  4. those T's look so adorably cute!!!


  5. such a cute collections

  6. Thanks guys :) I haven't had the chance to get to a Uniqlo yet but I think I'll be getting them all apart from the Disney and Cath Kidston ones :P Xx


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