Sunday, 29 May 2011

Daily Life: Last Ever Exam & A Special Birthday

WARNING: Extremely wordy post ahead.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who gave me their opinions on my last post!! I think I'll be keeping the beige ones :) Thanks for letting me know exactly what you thought of them! I like honesty :P

As I mentioned in my last post, I've finally finished all my exams!! I really hope it's my last exam ever - it went really badly so I'm just hoping that I scrape a pass so I won't have to resit it ><

Anyways, the day of my last exam fell on my birthday. I didn't plan to do anything on my birthday because the exam period always means that celebrating is difficult, so this year I decided to just take it as another day. The most I was planning to do was to go out with a friend for a spot of shopping. I totally did not expect the day to pan out in the way that it did, and I'm so grateful for every single person who wished me a Happy Birthday.

Okay, so here's what happened.

After my Friday morning exam, I went back to my friend Carey's house where I'd left my bag and revision notes. I checked my phone and got a text from Christine asking how my exam was, so I texted her telling her how awful it went. Carey and I packed away our revision notes and decided to see if there were any movies that were worth watching instead of going shopping. Halfway through, Christine gave me a call. I picked up thinking she was calling to check that I was okay, but the main part I remember was:

C: 'Are you back in your room now?'
P: 'Oh, no. I'm at Carey's place.'
C: 'Ohh.. 'cos I thought I'd come and see you.. I'm at SB.'
P: :O 'What?! You're at SB?!! Now?!'
C: 'Yeah.'

You have no idea how surprised I was XD I knew Chu hadn't finished her exams yet, so for her to come all this way to SB to see me was so thoughtful and sweet of her! ^^ I went to collect her from the bus stop, and it turned out that she'd been waiting half an hour for me in my block because she thought I'd be going back and that she'd be able to surprise me. I felt so bad for making her wait that long without knowing!! >< After taking her to Carey's house and chatting for a bit, I told Carey I'd call her later and we left. We went back to my block, and found I had to collect a package that I'd been mailed. I hadn't ordered anything online, so I had no idea what it was. I also haven't given my address out to my friends from home, so I couldn't think of anyone who might've sent me something.

It turned out that my flat mate had sent me a birthday present all the way from Northern Ireland!! I was in shock - I didn't expect her to send me anything, let alone a huge package all the way from NI!! And look how carefully she packaged everything!!

The surprises just kept coming!! I went back to my flat with Chu after collecting the package (I hadn't opened it yet), and I told her how my room was a total mess.

I need to point out that during exam time, my room literally becomes a war zone. I lose the ability to return things to where I picked them up from. The walls get covered in paper, the table with random paper and stationery, and I just pile clothes on a chair till they fall over ><

Needless to say, I couldn't let Chu see my room in such a state XD I told her it looked like a bomb site and she offered to wait in the kitchen. I rushed in, tidied as much as I could, and then went to the kitchen to find her..

I opened the door, wondering why the TV wasn't on, and from around the corner, Christine jumped out with a cake. First I was scared cos she gave me a fright - I actually screamed XD When I realised what she was doing.. she started to sing 'Happy Birthday'. I don't even know how to express my surprise and the fact that I felt so special. If I was a teary person, I probably would've cried ><

I am so blessed to have you as a friend Chu <3 Don't ever think that you can get rid of me easily! I'm sticking to you forever! Muahahaa :P We still have to travel the world together!!

She even made me lunch!! You make me feel so loved Chubs!!

I don't know why, (Chu thought it was due to a lack of sleep - I usually stay up the whole night cramming before exams), but I had an immense stomach ache after eating. Like I'd pulled a muscle or something, and I was in pain >< I called Carey to ask if it'd be okay to go into town later (this was around 2ish), and went to lie down in my room whilst Chu revised. I was in so much pain I had to take paracetemol - I don't usually take medicine cos I feel like the more you take, the less likely it'll work in the future.

I got up around 5ish when Chu came in to tell me my sister had called me. After that, I don't really remember what happened, but Chu called her friends to come out for dinner with us :P She'd originally planned to leave after lunch, but she gave me her precious revision time to stay for the rest of the day. I called up Carey to ask about good places to eat and eventually decided on an Australian restaurant :P I thought it'd be good to try something different seeing as I'm not in Loughborough for that much longer.

We waited an age for the bus, and when we eventually got there, we waited for Carman to arrive. Then we ordered :P Kenneth and Carey arrived before us :)

Guess what we had...


Yessss, I had kangaroo! I figured I might as well - you only live once! :P

 What did it taste like? Mmm.. all I can say is, the texture is similar to beef but I think beef tastes better XD

Me and Carey :P
Carman, Chu, Me and Carey :)
Carey also got me a cake!!

I am seriously so blessed to have all these people who care for me and make me feel so loved. This is one of the best birthdays that I have ever had, even if there were only a few of us. I'm a strong believer that you don't need a huge group of friends to be happy, and I feel like Friday further proved this to me.

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my parents, Sarah, Carmen, Chloe, Christine, Carey, Kenneth, Grace, Carman, Ryan, Wilson, Lap, Hing, Wendy, Liz, Rumya, Emily, and Tara.

Thank you to all of you for making such an ordinary girl feel like an absolute princess.


  1. Your flat mate is so sweet, wish I had flat mates like yours. Loving the cake carey got you.

  2. i already know what im getting u for your birthday =D i just need to go get it lol..

  3. Aww, you have great friends and I'm glad you had a lovely day.
    Happy belated birthday! xxx

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, dearie!

    Awww your friend is SO sweet! I love it when surprises work out.

    I was just about to ask you how kangaroo taste like when I saw your next sentence haha. So it's like beef, eyh? I dunno why, but I expected kangaroo meat to be tough.

  5. Nawww happy belated birthday Priscilla! Such sweet friends you have ^^

  6. Happy belated birthday Priscilla! I'm glad to hear you had fun on your birthday. That's really sweet of your friends to send you gifts and take you out :)

  7. Happly belated birthday ^_^!

    You have such a nice flatmate and you're very lucky to be surrounded with so many lovely friends :)

  8. congrats on finishing your exams, and all the cakes look amazing! happy belated birthday!

  9. Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes everyone! ^^ Xx


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