Saturday, 7 May 2011

Daily Life: Make up in times of boredom

Seeing as it's exam season in the UK, my flat has been amazingly boring ever since I've been back. I was supposed to go out for my friend's birthday meal tonight, but because we live so far away from town, it would mean I'd be out for about 5 hours in total.. that's a lot of time in terms of revision. I apologised for not being able to go >< and told her to have a good night out :)

Anyway, I got half way through revision and got crazily bored. So I took a break and ended up experimenting with make up.. (I know I said I wouldn't! >< but it was that or fall asleep..)

I found a picture of BoA (Boa Kwon) sitting on my hard drive, and realised that I'd been meaning to try out her 'look' for a while now. So that's exactly what I did.

This is what my attempt turned out like! I apologise for the eye bags, the rubbish skin and my really odd face shape!!

My natural 'I'm miserable' face LOL   

 I used the Maybelline Falsies for the first time :P I really like it! Made my lashes extra long ^^


Seriously, what is up with my face shape? I don't understand how it can curve in and out so much T_T No matter how much weight I lose, my face always looks like this. I wish I could just chop off my hamster cheeks.

I think I need to work on winging my eye liner. Okies, I should get back to revision now *cry*

Let me know what you think of my attempt!

Priscilla, Xx


  1. this is reli nice :) it suits u very much~ would like to try myself too ^^ x

  2. You look so pretty! And your skin looks so clear and glowing :D I think your face shape is really cute - there's nothing wrong with your cheeks ^^

  3. It's amazing and somewhat ironic how studying can make people feel really creative. Something about occupying the left side of the brain? Anyway there is nothing wrong with your face! I wish I had a thin face like yours >.<

  4. Thanks guys ^^ I guess we're always our own harshest critics >< I can't wait till I can finish with exams and start experimenting with more looks :) Xx


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