Thursday, 28 April 2011

Daily Life: Making food more interesting

For some reason, I really didn't feel like eating rice tonight, so I decided to see what I could make from the stuff we had at home. I randomly had a really big craving for egg.. so I fried two. When they stuck to the 'non stick' frying pan, I got really annoyed and decided to scramble them, haaa.

Egg and sweetcorn?! What?
 Yes, egg and sweetcorn. And yes, it did taste really weird. It made the egg taste really bad hahaha. Won't be doing that again any time soon.

I just felt like shaping my food and making it look more interesting. I always feel like better presentation will make food taste better, make you look more confident, more awake, more alive. Yes, I am talking about clothes and general presentation in the last few.

NB. I'm posting this here because I've decided that this is not just a 'beauty blog'. This is my personal blog so I'm just going to start posting whatever I want on here. I hope you guys don't mind. Let me know if you'd prefer me to posting these non-beauty ones somewhere else.


I'm leaving for uni soon, and I don't really know how I feel about it. Last semester, last exams, last everything really. I've already had my last lectures, and I've paid my last instalment of rent. I'll get my last student loan, and I'll see all my friends for the last time. LOL I just realised that makes it sound like I'm gonna die. Oops. Not that I know I won't die tomorrow or something.

Okay, enough emo-ness.

I've had a really good month at home. I always miss it so much when I go away. I know that people don't understand what it is about family that I find to be so important, etc., and I know that perhaps no one will ever really understand apart from me and my family. I think that upbringing plays a large part in how close you are to your family, and despite people thinking that still living with your parents at mid 20s+ is ridiculous, I don't care. I would live with them forever if I could.

I don't believe that means I'm not independent despite what everyone keeps telling me because I know that I am.

I've been getting so much negativity and slack from people lately that even though I know it's not true and it's stupidly big headed, I'm starting to just reply to people with you're just jealous.

愛心藥材湯 <3

Enough for today. Need to work.. post again soon.

Priscilla, Xx

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