Thursday, 5 May 2011

Day 1: Interesting 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was

I haven't had my picture taken, or taken a picture of myself in ages :/ I look less than presentable right now (in my PJs...) so I'll just have to post a picture from a while ago.

This was taken when I went out for a friend's birthday. I'm on the left and my friend Carey is on the right. I love her eye lashes!
Look at those awesome eye bags! 
Today's been quite a long day for me.. I slept at about 5am, woke at 8am, checked through my dissertation until about 11am, then went to the library to print two copies (and to my panic, discovered loads of 'out of order' printers). Then I went to the Guild Office to get them binded/bound (I never know which one it is), and then went back an hour later to collect it. After that, I spent about 3 hours trying to get my CD-RW to format so that I could save my dissertation for tomorrow (so they can check I didn't plagiarise). And then I basically came back and discovered E.L.F. has a 20% off offer on at the moment (20PlentyUK or 20PlentyEU).. so I got tempted and ended up on there for about 2 hours. Finalised my order, took a shower, and here I am. I am so sleepy I'm actually going to go to bed now (hence the PJs), and it's only 5pm over here.

I couldn't not post a picture of all my hard work these past few months!!
(Isn't the title oh so exciting?!)
I was actually going to blank the bit where it says my course name and university. Then I figured there was no point because I'd probably end up telling everyone anyway. So yeah. *At the point where nothing I say really makes sense any more*

I hope you guys have had a good day that wasn't any where near as stressful as mine!

Priscilla, Xx

PS. Look how nice these shoes are!!

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