Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 18: Interesting 30 Day Challenge

Day 18: A photo of yourself and your family
Source: ASOS
Don't worry, my family do not resemble a shoe. I can't find any family photos on my computer and I don't have time to dig around in my hard drives for one, so I'm going to skip this challenge. 

I do however, want to ask about the shoe in the picture above. I linked you guys another boot in a separate post last time but they didn't have them in my size (plus they were crazy expensive), so now that these ones are on sale, I'm tempted to get them. Only thing is, I have no idea what I would wear them with. That's where you guys come in!! HELP!! I am quite bad when it comes to matching shoes with clothes. I tend to buy shoes just cos I like them without thinking if they will match things in my wardrobe. 

What do you think of these? What could I pair it with if I did get them?

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  1. Great shoes... *sigh* I wish I could wear shoes that high, even when I'm wearing my 2 inch heels everyone already stares at me for being such a giant (,_,)

    Hmm, I guess I'm more of the "buy them, then see if we have something to wear them with" type of girl, so I can't really help you all that much with the fashion advice :P But since they are kind of neutral coloured, I guess you could pair them with pretty much everything. Jeans would work (skinny-ish ones, maybe?), oh and maybe pencil skirts, those could work as well. :)

    £35! Wow, great sale! :D


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