Thursday, 12 May 2011

Day 8: Interesting 30 Day Challenge

Day 8: A song to match your mood

These are two of my current favourites - they're both the kind of song that I find myself putting on repeat for about a month.

It's so soothing and their voices are so beautiful. I love Sunny and Tae Yeon - two of my favourites from SNSD.

I don't know what it is about Linda that I like. I don't think she sings particularly well, but I guess I just like the music she 'makes'.

I'm also really liking Ava lately. This is one my faves:

This is basically the same song, just live in her apartment and in Mandarin:

One of her latest songs:


  1. Very soothing songs indeed. This is an interesting 30 day challenge!

  2. @L.T. Thanks ^^ You could start one too if you want :P Xx

  3. ahh Sunny is one of my fav SNSD members too :) The 3rd song is really lovely too!

  4. @Elle: I think Sunny is so cute! Do you watch Running Man by any chance? Xx


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