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Monthly Favourites: April 2011

I actually can't believe that it's already May!! How is this possible? I seriously don't feel like I've been on a month of Easter break :/ Time is flying so scarily fast!!!

I haven't done any favourites up until today, because I actually hardly wear make up. I do, however, like to experiment with make up and try out new stuff. I love owning it, but I am really far too lazy to wake up an extra 15-30 minutes early in the morning just to make myself up. I love my sleep too much!! I have been at home for the past month though, so I've been making use of that time to experiment and see what works for me :P

My favourites for April are the things that I have rediscovered, only just discovered, or have always been a big fan of.

(WARNING: Extremely wordy... I am in essay mode LOL)

Make up:
1. Lioele Water Drop BB Cream

I seriously adore this stuff! The coverage isn't that great - especially if you have tons of acne scarring like me - but I love the finish that it gives. The 'water drop' effect of the BB cream provides your skin with more moisture, so if you have oily or combo/oily skin, then you might not like this stuff as much. I do have oily/combo skin, but I still love it because it gives a dewy effect that doesn't make you think greaseball. Well, for me anyway. I wear this BB cream with concealer, and with E.L.F. Mineral Booster dusted over my T-zone to make it look less shiny.


I also feel like despite having not-so-good coverage, it makes up for it by reducing the redness in my cheeks, and it feels so refreshing to apply. Also, because I have strange skin that occasionally decides to be dry in the cheeks (or because I forget to exfoliate), I've noticed that this BB cream doesn't seem to cake or sit in those flaky areas, which is another big thumbs up in my books.

It also matches me perfectly; I'm NC20 for reference.

2. E.L.F Studio Blush in Tickled Pink

This was actually the only blush that I took home with me. I wasn't too sure about the colour after I'd bought it, because I thought that it would look too dark and harsh against my light-ish skin tone. I mentioned in a previous post that it was quite sheer and you needed a lot of product to build up to the intensity shown below:

I really like this shade because it's buildable. I was worried by the intensity of the colour when it was in the pan, but on my skin tone, I actually think it looks quite natural :P I'm not saying it's amazing, because it's not all that; I just found myself appreciating this colour for once.

3. E.L.F. Cream Liner (Black)

I used to use the Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Black because it gave me most of what I wanted. I now use the E.L.F. cream liner because it gives me everything that I wanted in an eye liner. It is literally smudge proof, water proof, intensely creamy (reminds me of that Activia ad haa), and it comes with a handy pocket sized eye liner brush. 

Sorry about the gross brush - photo from a blog post ages ago
I love this eye liner because it does everything that it claims and it actually stays in place all day. The brush helps give precise lines, and for the first time I can start to practice winging my eyeliner - my Rimmel eye definer couldn't give me this. I love the intensity and pigmentation of the black, and I hope that E.L.F. never ever discontinue it. Yes, I love it that much.

4. Maybelline Volum' Express Waterproof (Black)

This mascara is actually pretty old.. I was meant to throw it out because I'd had it for so long, but for some reason, I didn't.. and I am so glad, because I seriously love this mascara. I don't know why I ditched this for the Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara at the time, but it was such a big mistake, because Rimmel just can't compete. It seriously volumises and separates my lashes without clumping. The only bad thing I can say about the Volum' Express is that it doesn't lengthen lashes! It's non-clumpy, separates perfectly and volumises, but it doesn't do the  most crucial thing for my Asian lashes!! 

I decided to get the Maybelline Falsies Mascara to replace this mascara - if my old Maybelline mascara can do what it says (unlike most other brands), then I'm excited to try this new one out because I'm hoping it will give me the same results + long lashes :P

5. Urban Decay Primer Potion

You're probably all wondering by now if I've been hiding in a hole all my life. Everyone's heard the raving about this product, right?? I was always skeptical about whether this was just a hit and miss product like the Revlon Photoready (I hate it), and never really wanted to spend a load of money to try it out. Somehow I always manage to read the reviews that say things are awesome, but always miss the ones that tell me they didn't like it for the same reasons that I would too.. so when a mini one came in my UD palette, I tried it out still unconvinced..... and I am now converted. I seriously love this stuff so so much. 

Size comparison :)
The colours in my E.L.F. palettes are not the most pigmented of shadows, but the UDPP seriously makes putting these shadows on so much easier. I use less product and am a lot less frustrated at myself for buying unpigmented shadows. If you're a tad skeptical too, I recommend doing what I did and getting a palette with a UDPP sample. I hope it converts you too ;)

What's the point of writing a favourites post when I can't tell you my non-make up related ones :P

1. TV: Running Man (Korean)

Picture source: Google
I have basically spent all Easter watching this!! I have laughed till the point I couldn't breathe, and then laughed some more. It's basically a Korean game show where all the contestants are locked in a famous Korean landmark/building for one night and they have to play different games in order to win enough points for freedom. Those who lose are punished.. and as Korean idols, it's extremely embarassing for them (but extremely hilarious for us xD) They usually have two new guests every week, and in the last few episodes I've been watching, they've started a game called 'Bells Hide and Seek' where seekers have bells attached to their shoes, and have to track down and obtain the name sticker of the hiders.. whilst the hiders have a mission to complete (whilst listening out for the creepy bells and running away).. I am so lame at description, but it is seriously so so hilarious. Obviously I watch it with English subtitles, so all you guys should check it out and watch it too!!! :P

2. TV: Doctor Who
If you guys follow me on twitter, then you'll know how much of a crazy Doctor Who fan I am. I seriously love this series so so much. I know America has just started showing this series properly.. so go watch it!! :P And for all you fellow fans out there, David Tennant is the best doctor. Matt Smith is good, but David is better. I love it so much. If I had the chance to go to the Doctor Who Proms, I would. That's how much of a geek I am.

3. Cover: Jayesslee 
I've been a subscriber of these girls since their Tamia cover, and every cover they have done has been amazing. My new favourite is Break Even - The Script. If only I could sing like that!

What have you been liking this April?

Priscilla, Xx


  1. Hi dearie, I'm back so I'm slowly making my way around blogs :)

    I can't seem to get into Doctor Who, just not my thing I guess. In any case, I hardly have time to watch any series. I loved Sherlock Holmes though and I really liked Misfits, even though at first I thought it was trashy, but then it was actually pretty good haha

    In response to your comment on my blog: Bubbleology sells them for £3.25 each. Tbh, I think you should try it if you get the chance, but I'm not sure if its one of those places to keep returning to. I for one, dislike that they use powder and it tastes too artificial for my liking. But that's just me :)

  2. Totally love Running Man too! Hilarious stuff, I've nearly caught up with all the episodes. It's changed again in the newer ones, but still really funny :)

    Jayessless are amazing! Loved their Break Even cover too <3

    I've been loving Korean dramas lately, currently watching 49 days :)

  3. I have been liking 90210 which I know you dont watch *nudges so you watch it* and yoghurt mask!! Think i've told you that one too!! Cheap and cheerful solution to fabulous skin! :) try it out!


  4. @Joey: I think I'll take your word for it and go try it out over Summer :P I feel like £3.25 is a bit pricey? But I guess if I don't like it then I just won't go again :)

    @Vicky: I know this reply is so late, but I've finally caught up with Running Man now! I can't wait for ep 38 to be subbed!

    @Chu: haha I need to actually go out and get some yoghurt! Do you use natural yoghurt? I do wanna try :P



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