Sunday, 15 May 2011

NOTW: Fluoro Nails

Just a quick one - Barry M Nail Paint in 296 Coral and E.L.F. Nail Polish in Fluorescent Pink.

Sorry about the weird angle - wanted to show you both bottles together

Brightens up my day even though I'm stressed and breaking out like crazy.


  1. I love how bright the colors are! I hear really good things about both the Barry M and ELF polishes, which is cool because they're both so affordable. They seem like great value polishes! I don't have access to Barry M polishes here, but I'll keep the ELF polishes in mind for my next order :)

  2. i love the color combination! it reminds me of candies. <3

  3. @Rinny: The ELF polishes are seriously awesome - I love that I can get about 10 polishes for the price of an OPI one, and the fact that I like to change my nail colour so often makes me feel less guilty money-wise cos I can get so many for such a great price :P

    @Sugar Sugar: Thanks! It makes me think of glowstick nights out :P



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