Thursday, 19 May 2011

NOTW: Minty Lilac

I know I only posted a NOTW a few days ago, but after a laundry session, my nails chipped horribly so I decided to repaint and go totally different to fluoro. I went for pastels, and used E.L.F.'s Mint Cream and Lilac.

Eurgh, sorry for the chipping 
It's actually the first time I've worn these polishes properly since I got them. I didn't really like the formula of Mint Cream when I first tried it out so it's just been sitting there unused. I thought I'd give it another go, and I still don't really like it. For some reason, it's really gloopy and thick, which makes the application really channel-y and streaky. I don't know if it's just the bottle I happened to get, because I love all the other E.L.F. polishes that I own. (You probably would've realised by now that they're practically the only brand of polishes I own.)

The Lilac polish was really smooth and easy to apply, but I'm a bit annoyed at the brush applicators for these two polishes. This was another reason why these two polishes had sat there unused.

For some reason, the brush for Mint Cream is bent towards one side, and no matter what I do, I can't seem to straighten it back out. It makes putting the polish on a lot harder, and on top of the streaky and gloopy formula, it's really hard to get a smooth looking finish. I think I had to put on about 3 coats in an attempt to get it looking decent, but it actually still looks pretty rubbish in real life.

Compared with Mint Cream, the brush for Lilac is straighter, but the brush tip isn't flat. It's like someone decided to cut it wonky or something. It meant that I couldn't get a relatively neat paint on the base of my nail, which was also quite annoying. Has anyone else experienced dodgy nail polishes from E.L.F.? Or was this just a random one off? I also think it's strange how these are both pastels which have problems.. there's been nothing wrong with my non-pastel E.L.F. polishes..

Let me know what you think :/

Priscilla, Xx

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