Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Random: Late Konad Discovery

I've heard loads of things about the Konad stamps for ages, but only decided to check it out today... Now I'm hooked with looking at all the different stamps and I'm really badly tempted to get some of the stamps >< I'm not going to though - I'll let this one mull for a while. (Plus I'm on a shopping ban.)

Source: www.konadnailart.com
Does anyone know if the stamping kits would still work with normal non-Konad nail polishes?

PS. I'm also tempted to experiment with marbling nail polishes ><


  1. I have some konad plates, they are really easy to use. I haven't tried mine with normal polish though, although I have heard that as long as the polish is thick enough it should work. The special polishes are really thick & gloopy, esp the lighter colours, so I think it's probably best to invest in a few of the small bottles if you do buy it.

  2. @George: I'm thinking I might get two Konad colours to start with (black and white) and then seeing how it goes from there. There's so many cute designs and it looks so easy that I'm really tempted. Do you get your plates from ebay or another site other than konadnailart.com? I'm trying to find cheaper alternatives :P Xx

  3. That's what I did, get the black & whie first. Later on I also bought the pink, but I would recommend not bothering with that colour, since it really doesn't show up well at all. I bought everything from their uk shop, the prices are quite reasonable, I'm not sure if anywhere else is much cheaper. I think the fake plates on ebay are cheaper, but for the actual branded stuff I'm not sure. One thing though, definately buy the top coat, because designs in black WILL smudge without it.


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