Friday, 3 June 2011

Daily Life: End Of An Era, Cheesecake Factory & Keeping In Touch

Exams have finally finished for everyone here at SB, and with Tara's birthday coming up soon, we all went out yesterday for a kind of end of exams/birthday/farewell meal. It's kind of strange because the majority of our group still have a year to go. There are very few of us who are finishing this year. 

We went to Zizzi's. Even though there were 7 of us, the bill only came to £40.30 :P we'd managed to get hold of a voucher online - buy one meal, get one for £1! I think if you just google it you'll be able to find it.

Get ready for some picture spam.....

I couldn't decide which was less nasty so I stuck both in hahaha. These were the only photos that we took together that night, so I had to include them even though we both aren't looking our best.

Randomly took a photo of this because I thought it was interesting and because I love quotes:

And now for the FOOD!

Me and my calzone

I'd never been to Zizzi's before, AND I'd never ever had a calzone before. I had no idea what it was, and when I asked my friends, they described it as 'a giant pasty' XD They were pretty right!

Everyone went for drinks that night (and I think they ended up in Oceana), but Carey and I left in order to get back to SB earlier - I had work to do and she was tired from her early start. We'd also decided to go out to the Cheesecake Factory today to catch up.


In order for Carey to make it back in time for her lab prep today, we had to catch the 12.30pm back to uni.. so that meant catching the 10am out to town.. I was SO tired even though I'd come back early the night before >< Probably because I'd guiltily caught up with the latest eps of 'Ghetto Justice' and 'My Sister of Eternal Flower' (current TVB dramas) before I went to bed.

Anyways, so we went to the Cheesecake Factory.. practically for breakfast XD

Cake galore!!

Some 'action shots' Carey took of me XD

You can basically tell that I JUST got out of bed, right? XD I didn't even have time to pick out nice clothes to wear. I just made do with what I wore yesterday ^^"

'Double Decka Choco Mousse'
'Strawberry Shortcake'
Oh, the sleepiness in my eyes -_-zZz

We got talking about how fast the three years had flown by, and how fast the next year would go by. I seriously think that this has been one of the fastest years ever. I still remember taking my January exams like they were last month. On the bus back from town the night before, we'd reminisced about first year and all the nights out we'd had, all the flat-mate-get-togethers, the places that we said we'd go to but never went to, and Freshers' Week. I think for us, the memories of Freshers' Week were more about new experiences and friendships rather than the clubbing nights so standard of everyone's first week at uni.

I guess it was inevitable that we'd end up talking about the future today. Don't you think it's so strange how you can get so close to someone and drift apart so easily? To be honest, Carey and I were pretty close in first year but drifted quite a bit in second year. I really do think it's only through the effort of a close friend and our own efforts that we've been able to get our friendship back on track and back to what it was before. We spoke about how we'll meet up again in years to come, and I said how we'd meet up for dinner and there'd be mini Careys running around every where hahaha it kind of made me feel old. But in a good way.

A lot of stuff has happened in the past three years, but at the end of the day, I do want to keep this friendship, and I strive to keep as strong of a hold on it as I can. After all, she has been there for me during my darkest times, and reflecting has brought back so many good memories together. You know how people say that university friends are for life? For once in my life, I totally agree.

Do you still keep in touch with your old school friends?


  1. Oh goodness, those desserts are making me droool! Loll
    Gah I totally understand the whole drifting apart deal. It's like you're bestest of friends one moment and the next, complete strangers. It's sad, I don't even know how it happens. :( I don't really keep in touch with my 2 childhood best friends anymore, but if we'd still greet each other if we see one or the other.
    But that's great that you & your friend could get that old friendship back. (: So far since HS, I've been able to maintain the friendship with those close friends.

  2. omggggggggggggg... all the food looks so gooooood.. it's making me hungry lol T-T

    It always makes me sad when i think about all the friends that i've grown apart from... but two friends can't keep a relationship unless both put in effort :T

  3. I can't believe time passes by so fast either~ ): Friends are such an important relationship and both have to try hard to stay close together! Don't drift apart! Good friends are hard to come by~ hahaha My friends and I also talk about the future how we'll be drinking tea and playing ma jong while our children run around~

    The cakes and tea looks delicious!~ ^^

  4. Oooh long post! ... and a really very bad idea of me to read about cake in the morning. My cravings for sweet are too much these days! I want the double choco mousse. *drools* omg and all the fruit that comes with it -- fruit makes me happy :D So does chocolate :D

    I haven't got a clue what you mean with "no nice clothes" I love what you were wearing! There's nothing wrong with a floral dress and jeans jacket.

    It's great you found your friend Carey again after kind of losing track of her. I had the same thing happening. On my first day of uni a sat next to a girl and during the first week or so, we were kind of close, but then we each found another group to hang out with, so we didn't talk as much anymore. And now, so many years later, I think of her as one of my real friends :) It's odd how things go...
    I do hope I can keep in touch with my besties from uni, but I know it might be hard. Next year I'll move to another city, an hour away from them by train, and after that, only time will tell where we'll all end up. But we can always try!

    And YES, uni goes so fast! I'm almost wrapping up my fourth and last year at uni, and especially this year flew by at a hundred mph. I hope at least during the holidays time will slow down again ^_^

  5. Ahhh all these food pics are making me so hungry @_@

    That's good that you're still keeping in touch with your school friends. I've been out of college for more than 6 months now and I've lost touch with everyone. Having to work 6 days a week doesn't really help the situation either ><

  6. YUM! I should not have read your post while I was this hungry.. My stomach is now grumbling uncontrollably. >.<

  7. Omg this post makes me so hungry :D Lovely foods! And you are very cute <3

  8. I want alllllll food:))
    ciao ciao from Rome

  9. so much food! and love the frank lloyd wright quote about dining. I'll keep that in mind from now on

  10. I love those desserts! yumm. I'm so sad, we don't have a cheesecake factory near us :(

    come visit? :)

  11. YUMMMMM fresh fruit on desserts! i agree, i find it sooo hard to keep in contact with friends especially how we all have different uni timetables :( but i think that if you're good enough friends with someone, then somehow it'll end up working xx xx misstea & co. (your newest follower)


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