Saturday, 11 June 2011

NOTW: Gunmetal & Crackle

Sorry for being so rubbish with blogging! I've started packing away everything in my room, and the fact I have trouble sleeping at night means when I wake up I feel rubbish and don't feeling like blogging :/ I managed to get out to town today though! Got myself some No 17 Silver Crackle :P I first saw it on Vicky's blog when she did a look with a Rimmel Sky Blue colour and wanted to try it out :)

I used E.L.F.'s Metal Madness under the crackle polish. The silver is no where near as nice as the O.P.I. because it's so matte and non-glittery in comparison. I don't own the O.P.I. one by the way, so I'm just going from swatches I've seen on the blogosphere :)

I'll try and start updating more often! I still need to finish off my China series ><

Hope everyone's keeping well!

Priscilla, Xx


  1. ohhhh i like this color! light colored crackle nail polishes are the best (:

  2. I've got to try this crackle nail trend out some time. It looks fun!
    Awww hope you managed to get some good sleep soon.

    Thanks for commenting on my post. That hat man really annoyed me :|

  3. The crackle effect of this polish looks really nice! I do agree with you though, I think I prefer the glossier finish of the OPI ones rather than the matte finishes ><

  4. I wish we had more of a selection in Aus T^T I've only ever seen the O.P.I Crackle nail polishes, and they're always so expensive so I haven't been out to buy some :(

  5. I bought this for my friend :) I agree with you though, it's not very sparkly. Btw, U replied to your questions on my blog :)

  6. Cute! Love the color combo.


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  7. what an amazing place. I really want to be there >.<


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