Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Valencia: Day 2

Firstly, I'd just like to give you all a warning! This is an extremely picture heavy post!! ^^"

I was going to post about my first day in Valencia, but then I realised that all the photos I posted in my last entry were pretty self explanatory, so here's day 2 :)

We started off the day at a local cafe called Bertal where we bought and ate our 'brunch' :P

Today we decided to visit the famous City of Arts and Sciences, known as Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciences in Valencian, and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Spanish. It consists of five different areas and is built on the old Valencian river bed of the River Turia. You can find out more here :)


Out of the different places within the 'city', we decided to spend the day at the Science Museum :P

One of the best parts of the Science Museum was the Physics level.. we took a LOT of photos..

There was an awesome part where a special camera takes a photo of you, and when you move, an image of your shadow is left on the green screen behind..

There was even a Comics section..

How cool is this?! :P It goes from pencil drawings to modern day animation!

I actually had loads of fun in the Science Museum.. we spent ages in there! Hand on heart, I can say that I hadn't had that much fun in ages! Haha (I should probably get out more XD)

We had tapas for dinner that night, and I tried Sangria for the first time! It wasn't what I expected.. for a start I thought it would be apple juice/beer coloured, but it tasted pretty good :P

There's actually a pretty funny story that comes with dinner! We were sitting eating when an old Spanish man came up to us and tried to sell us some roses. We declined, but he came back a while later and placed two roses on our table.. then pointed to some guys at another table.. turns out they'd bought us some roses. One of the guys came over later and asked us if we spoke English, where we were from, and then said that his friend wanted to know if we wanted to do shots with him XD We declined and after we'd paid the bill, we left the roses on the table and left.

I felt quite bad about it, but I wouldn't drink with some random strangers so I guess Chu was right - why give them the wrong impression by taking the flowers with us, right?

Thanks for reading! I promise I'll update soon!! And I mean it this time! 

Priscilla, Xx


  1. Wow! The science museum looks so much fun! That view is stunning!

    I wouldn't have taken the flowers too :) xx

  2. aah the yumminess ^^ and beautiful weather~ nice post x

  3. your pictures are so pretty!! What camera are you using? ^^
    & I love the graffiti/comic section of the museum! so cool (8

  4. Oh my, now I have GOT to go to Valencia. The architecture is just amazing! And I kind of like science museums, so yay ^^ The ciudad looks so so so pretty.... I can't stop talking about it!

    Sangria is good eh? ^^ We always ordered a whole bottle (not the right word, but I can't think of anything better), and it was super cheap.

    Haha, I love that anecdote on the two guys! It's sweet that they bought you those roses, but you're right, better not lead them on if you don't plan on going with them anyway.

  5. wow the roses are a little bit creepy but a little bit flattering at the same time! and omgosh the food looks soo yum *drools*

  6. hello i'm your new follower x)
    Love your photos so much ! :D
    will be happy if you want to visit my blog , hehe :)



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