Friday, 14 October 2011

Valencia: Day 5

(Haven't read the rest of my Valencia series? TA-DAA: Days 1, 2, 3 and 4 :))

Day 5 was our final day in Valencia *cue sad face*. We woke around 10am, stuffed the rest of our things into our suitcases, and had Korean pot noodles for breakfast :P

I took some snaps in the lobby whilst Chu checked us out...


I forgot to mention this, but on one of the days (I think it was the first day), we hired out the hotel bikes and cycled around town trying to find the post office. It was pretty cool being able to just cycle everywhere, because I hardly get that opportunity to do so in London - I've been meaning to take part in the London Sky Ride.. except I always miss it every year. We also came across something called 'ValenciaBIKES'. I'm not sure which came first, but the concept is basically the same as the London Barclays bikes, where you pay at an hourly rate and can cycle to the numerous 'bike stops' around the city. The only difference is that you need to book the ValenciaBIKES 24 hours in advance online, but I think you can just pick up a Barclays bike and go. Has anyone actually been on a Barclays bike? I really want to try cycling around London!

Anyways, after we'd checked out and left our luggage behind the desk, we made our way to the post office (we had to ask the receptionist cos we still hadn't found it after 4 days ><)

Inside the post office

I came across these 'letter boxes' (I guess you'd call them), which I found pretty interesting. I gathered that you posted your letter according to which city you were mailing to.. which would make the lives of the post-people so much easier.. why do we not do this in the UK?!

I got the impression that these were post boxes too... How funky :P

After we'd sent our post cards, we explored as much as we could, discovering in the process that we could've easily walked to the next train station and saved some pennies (or Euros). Tourist fail.

We had a lunch of chocolate filled crossaints, Flora biscuits, and Chu's super sour orange from day 3, before heading back towards the hotel whilst exploring the rest of the local area along the way.

For some reason, this really reminded me of St Pancras International... I think it's the roof...

Pictures galore!

This was the Museum of Ceramics, which just happened to be right opposite our hotel. We wanted to go in, but our funds had diminished to the point that if we paid to go in, we wouldn't have been able to catch the Metro to the airport!

Randomly took a photo of this because it reminded me of the HK MTR and the London Overground... I bet you they're all owned by the same company or something!

Here are the different train tickets that we managed to collect during our time in Valencia. Obviously we had more, but these were the different designs that we'd managed to get :P I find the middle one so cute!

And finally...

On our flight back to London!

It was a super sunny, super short holiday, but it was exciting, relaxing, and just so much fun - yes, all at the same time. I'm really looking forward to going travelling again some time. I want to see as much of the world as possible!!

I think everyone should definitely check out Valencia! It's often overlooked for Barcelona and Majorca, but it's such a beautiful city filled with good food, friendly people, and plenty of sunshine :) The hotel we stayed in was really central, clean and quite worth the price! There was a laptop in our room which had internet, so we were able to watch movies and catch up on TVB dramas XD The hotel also had free wifi, which meant that I could update my Facebook and let people stalk me even though I was in another country. I think the only downside was that they had no English TV.. Anyways, if any of you are planning on visiting Valencia and want more information on the hotel I stayed at, just email me or something, and I will try to answer your questions :)

I hope you enjoyed reading about my time in Valencia as much as I did reminiscing about it!! :)


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  1. I saw that kind of noodles yesterday at the store! :D
    The post office looks amazing!!!
    Great photos!


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