Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Daily Life: Home for Christmas!

I'm finally home after the most hectic 2 weeks of my life. Just uploaded my last ever coursework of 2011 onto Mahara, and am now contemplating eating a whole load of junk food to celebrate :P I had to film myself talking about digestive biscuits for five minutes.. I just don't get how Youtubers do it! How do you look at the camera and just talk? It's so.. awkward XD I spent the entire video looking at myself on the screen instead (talk about vain).

Starbucks Red Cups! :D

Anyway, how is everyone? (I don't think I've ever asked this on here before..) I haven't been able to catch up with blog reading in ages >< What has everyone got planned for Christmas? I can't quite believe it's 5 days till Christmas! I haven't bought any presents, or even thought about what to buy my family.. I guess this is what happens when you grow up and have other things to busy yourself with >< We only put up the tree today :/ Totally does not feel like Christmas.

Let me know what you're getting up to this holiday! I think I'll just laze around at home, stuff myself on Christmas Day, shop like crazy afterwards, and maybe attempt some revision in between. Just maybe. :P

I hope everyone's keeping well and having a good time catching up with family and friends over this festive period! Take care and look after each other! :)



  1. Hi Priscilla! *waves*
    Hurray for handing in your last coursework of 2011! I submitted mine yesterday, but I'm still working on one I have to submit the first week of 2012. School...

    Haha, yeah, filming yourself is awkward. I even think it's awkward talking to someone on skype, and you're not even talking to yourself then. Blogging is much easier, that's for sure.
    ryc: haha, road sweeper... you're funny. Well, that's one problem I don't have.
    I always go for the more expensive jeans, (lee and levis and whatever), because they have different combinations of widths and lengths and such. (and even then I'm restricted, because I need 34" or 35" for the legs)

  2. Well I am doing just fine, Thanks for asking ^.^
    I've tried to make a video before and you are completely right about it being awkward >.<

    Honestly, I do such a better job when I talk to myself. So why is it so hard to talk to a little camera? It's probably the idea of everyone on the net being able to see you.

    On another note, I hope your new year is as refreshing as the calendar. With new ideas and new smiles :)


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