Thursday, 1 December 2011

Waving in December

*Sigh* I have been focusing on uni work (okay, and maybe procrastinating on social networking sites), and have, as per usual me, neglected my blog. I'm sure no one wants to hear me whine, so I shall get to the point!

When I have work to do, I procrastinate (I'm sure it's not only me!) and instead of playing around with make up or nail stuff like I usually do, today I messed around with my hair instead.

Thought I'd share the results.. 

Please feel free to laugh at me and my shameless posing.


I used my Remington waver. It took me about 5 minutes to do my whole head.. although I can't say that I put that much effort into making it perfect (plus I have hardly any hair anyway). I just wanted something other than coursework to do XD

If you don't want to use heat, french braiding or just plaiting your hair and sleeping with it in can help you achieve the same results :) I used to do it all the time - it looks more natural and is obviously less damaging for your hair.

I hope you enjoyed the vain pictures of my tired face!

Until next time :)

Take care and keep warm! Cos it is seriously freeeeezing!!


I'm weird, I know. Hi :)


  1. Is it freezing in London? Is it really? Freezing is good because it means "no rain". It's raining here :(

    Hehehe, I like the second picture :p Oh, when I sleep with wet hair in a braid, it makes my hair flatter XD The joys of curls....

    STOP PROCRASTINATING!! ~~ I'm one to talk, I do the same thing (,_,) Hope you're well, and not drowning in schoolwork! x

  2. My hair is so thin I can't curl my hair without it becoming straight in 5 minutes :(

    Over here in Australia it's boiling hot! It's starting to reach 30+°C here!

  3. cute hair , haha :D
    I wanna feel winter ><

  4. The waves look good on you Priscilla! I can never get my hair to keep a curl or wave in it for more than a few hours before it goes limp and straight again :/


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