Saturday, 18 February 2012

Daily Life: Another week later..

.. and I am now drowning in work!

To sum up the past 10 days, I have handed in my first piece of coursework this semester, been to way too many group meetings, slept at random hours, survived the cold during the snow, seen the frozen lake at main campus, watched the Vow, done some more baking, been ice skating, and generally had a really, really good weekend.

Talking of baking, we made pecan pie over the weekend.. I would show you a picture of the final product, only I forgot to take one -_- ... I can, however, show you what happens when you leave two slices worth of pecan pie, in a cake tin, in the kitchen, in my flat, at university halls...

First, I ate one slice... Leaving one slice in the tin...

Which was then partially eaten by some unknown hungry person...

The next day...

And yesterday...

I found this quite out of order... at least wash up if you're going to eat my food T_T I think this has something to do with the fact that I left out a plate of those rose-looking cupcakes for my flat mates to try last time, so someone probably thought that I'd left the pecan pie out for them to try too XD Haiii.

What else, what else?

I've recently started a new module which involves new product development (NPD). Our brief was to make a new format of coffee, so we're looking into making a coffee gel? What do you guys think of this? Would you buy it? I'm in charge of marketing, so I'll post the consumer survey on here once all the questions are finalised. Hopefully you guys can help me answer them? :D I would appreciate it so much!

How was everyone's week? What are your plans for the weekend? (I know it's already the end of Saturday >< But still!)

I'll try and update again soon :) It'll most likely be when I have that consumer survey sorted!

Take care :)



  1. Haha that's why you never leave food out - I think it's pretty much understood that if it's out in a common area, it's fair game for anyone to eat it :P

    Coffee in gel form? Like you could just microwave it and have instant coffee or something? Sounds like something I would want to try :D

  2. i would have eaten those slices as well if it was left out in the kitchen unattended. it looks scrumptious!

  3. I'll help with your survey! Best to let me know on Twitter or something when you post it, don't want to miss it.

    Ooh, pie... :D

  4. at least they were polite enough to eat it over 3 days instead of all at once >.<"

  5. Oh no! I would think people would ask if it's okay regardless though. :( At least you know it was really yummy! haha


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