Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Daily Life: It's Been A Week...

... and I have yet to do anything particularly interesting.

On Saturday night, I baked cupcakes whilst the snow fell thick and settled quickly. For some reason, it felt like Christmas to me... which was strange seeing as Christmas didn't even feel anything like Christmas this last year. (I actually wrote the date as 2011 today T_T) Anyway. The cupcakes. I recently visited some cake decorating blogs online, and wanted to experiment with piping roses with buttercream icing...

Mmm, blue food.

I thought they turned out pretty well? I got some feedback though so I can try and improve next time. Does anyone have any tips for icing cakes/cupcakes? Please feel free to throw them in the direction of this cake decorating noob :D

How has your week been? :)



  1. They did turn out great! :D I want one! hehe <3

  2. you're so good at piping roses! I tried doing it and it failed miserably haha

  3. I can't bake at all so I have no advice to give you but they LOOK delicious! I don't know whether I should thank you or blame you for my current craving of cupcakes now... ;p

  4. they look like roses, so cute and looks yummy too!!

  5. Thanks guys! :) I'll keep practising! Xx

  6. hey,

    wow they look really good! :)

    Also there is this facebook group which has many different icing designs that you could try out or get inspirations from.


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