Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Hi. I'm hoping you still remember me. I'm the girl who says she'll try to post more often, and then disappears under a rock for a month (+).

ANYWAYS, exams finished last week and I am freeeee (until dreaded results day and coursework starts to come flooding in), so here I am, attempting to start up blogging again. I haven't blogged properly for so long that I don't really know what to write...

On New Year's Eve, I went for lunch at Eat Tokyo and got the sushi bento.. I was craving sushi so badly, but I only managed to finish the bottom right hand corner T_T I asked for a takeaway box and took the rest home ahaha :P

Hungry yet? :P

Christmas was such a good break for me - I went home and spent 3 weeks with my family, stuffing my face, playing loads of mahjong, and spending New Year's Eve at a friend's house. Revision was a right pain in the butt because I'd done so little over the holidays and there was so much to learn, but it's over now and I am just waiting for Doomsday to come. Despite that though, January was a good month :)

Ramble ramble ramble. I know everyone says this, but I can't believe it's already been a month since the start of 2012. If the world really ends this year, then I should probably do something about the things on my bucket list. I should probably do something with (the remaining days of) my life.

I am going to sit here and promise now, that I will post once a week. Even if I have deadlines, I should always be able to set aside time to blog and just take time out. If I can spend an hour watching YouTube videos, then why can't I sit here and compose parts of a post instead? I don't take promises lightly. So I hope you'll all carry on supporting me.

I'm off to buy stamps and meet Natalie before stuffing my face with a delish burger (and most probably some cake too.. did someone say fat?!)  from the Farmer's Market on campus! Hope everyone is doing well.

How amazingly cute is this hat?!


  1. you have a very nice blog and the hat is super cute:)

  2. I feel bad whenever I'm watching silly youtube videos when I could have been writing up a post too! haha

    hope you did well in your exams! and I love your hat :)

  3. Welcome back dear!!

    I understand about not spending as much time on blogger. I haven't posted at all this January, exams are just way more important.
    But good for you, promising to post more! I'll look forward to reading more from you ^^

    (also, I know I'm late, but: HAPPY NEW YEAR!)

  4. Welcome back to blogging =P haha ive been in holiday & ,y nlogging is worse than yours~ no excuses either. Lol love the hat!! Its so cute ^^ i love those kinda hats.... Though it'd look cooler if NZ had snow and you could wear that out lol.

    Serious?! I feel so hungus now T^T you must eat very little at a time XD

  5. Aughhh I'm craving shrimp tempura so badly now! The boxes look so yummy in your photos. Love the hat too! You look so cute :D

  6. Thanks for all the sweet comments :) Even I'M craving for sushi now after reading it back XD The hat doesn't belong to me, but I'm tempted to get hold of one! :P Xx


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