Monday, 27 February 2012

Daily Life: A stressy week with lots of complaining


The past week has been a bit too much for me. I think I almost went crazy last Wednesday night when I realised that I had to pack and plan for the week ahead, because I wouldn't be returning to SB until the following Tuesday. I don't know how to break down my week apart from going day by day. This might seem long and boring, but I want to record the things that happened. At least so I won't forget.

On Sunday (19th Feb), I met up with Chu in town and we had Harvester for lunch - I can't find the pictures right now so I'll upload them later. We went for a wander round town and ended up spending ages in M&S buying pretty lingerie. Then we sped walked through town and bought chicken wings, rice flour, pandan cake, black sesame mochis, and then spent a good 20 minutes searching for the Micros training centre I needed to get to on Friday.
We caught the bus back to hers and prepared dinner...

可樂雞翼! We made Coca-Cola chicken wings which was gooooood. Hadn't had it in absolutely ages, so it was good to have something that wasn't the standard boring Chinese dinners that I tend to have. 

Chu was craving for 湯圓 (tong yuen), which are basically dough balls made by mixing rice flour with water. 

There are a lot of different ways that you can have them, but 湯圓 are specifically rice flour dough balls in a sweet soup. You can also get these dough balls without soup, often sprinkled with small pieces of peanut - these are known as 糖不甩 (tong but lut). Mochi are another type of dough balls which contain different fillings such as coconut shavings with sugar and peanuts, red bean paste, white bean paste, and black sesame paste.


 So yeah, here is my masterpiece :P

We also had pandan cake later on whilst we watched The Hangover :P

We kept the extra chicken for lunch the next day - I felt like I was at home and my mum was making me a packed lunch <3 sad, I know.

I stayed over that night and woke up for my Jubilee seminar on Monday which was quite interesting. We played the beer game for supply chain management - I definitely learnt more in that one hour than I do in a three hour lecture! Plus, I reckon I'm more likely to remember what I learnt from it.

On Tuesday, I spent 9am to 3pm with my PBL group, finishing off our research and finalising our reasons for the case study problem. We presented our findings, answered questions, and finished at 5pm. Tuesdays always drain me. Not eating always makes me grouchy. But not as much as Thursday finishes at almost 6pm T_T

On Wednesday, I started a piece of coursework in the morning, skipped my afternoon lecture at Jubilee, and attended the East Midlands Packaging Society conference instead. I got there extra early because of the bus times, and ended up having a conversation with the chairman of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) without knowing who he was until he gave me his business card. It was interesting talk, but after he gave me his business card, I felt really self conscious and awkward because he was so.. high up and important in the industry ><

Luckily my friend gave me a lift back afterwards and I managed to finish off my coursework for the next day. I absolutely hate Thursdays... and this Thursday was particularly awful. I spent 9am to 12.40pm in the Food Production Facilities (FPF) with my group members for the development of our coffee product, rushed off to a meeting for Micros installation at 1pm in both Food Sciences and the Graduate Centre - I had to ask to be excused so I could hand in my coursework in between - which finished at 1.55pm, then I dashed off to my afternoon lecture at 2pm and sat with my stomach rumbling embarassingly through the entire afternoon until 5.40pm. Then I rushed back to my room, showered and packed, discovered that the bus times I had were in fact wrong, and that I'd have to wait another hour before I could catch the next one T_T By the time I'd got to main campus and got on the bus to Chu's house, I'd managed to 'lose' my university card. As soon as I stepped into Chu's house, she asked if I'd found it, and if I wanted to go back to look for it because it'd cost something stupid to replace it. Luckily she looked through my bag and found it wedged between some books. That night, she went out to a friend's house but I was too knackered so I went to bed.

Friday morning. Finally. If you've read up to here, I seriously commend you. I was going to cover what I've been up to in London too, but I figured you fall asleep if I don't stop soon. No fear. Next post, yah?

So yeah, Friday, 9am. I lugged my suitcase with me to the Micros training, which finished at 4.30pm. Unfortunately. Kind of. It was really interesting, but I'd booked my train ticket for 6.30pm because I thought they'd overrun. So kind of unfortunately, I had to drag my suitcase around town for an hour and a half.

Has anyone noticed how much I complain yet?

You know? Like constantly??

So yes. That was my horridly busy week last week. I have a feeling things will get worse over the coming weeks. But hey, this is what I get for signing myself up to this course. I enjoy it, but I guess I like complaining too. I feel bad that you have to sit there and read my pages and pages of complaining.

Anyways. I'll end it here before you all pass out. 

Hope your week's been a whole lot less stressful!


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