Thursday, 1 March 2012

Daily Life: Good food, good friends, and good fun

Continuing on from my last post..

By the time I got back to London on Friday night, it was about 8pm. We went for dinner at Dongsan on Poland Street, just outside of China town. I forgot to take photos until we'd almost finished, so I only have one dish to show you >< Rice cakes with seafood! :) We also had beef bibimbap (stone bowl), seafood pancake and beef with glass noodles. Yummy :)

I had to take a picture of the receipt.. purely for the total sum.. what a perfect end to my horrible week, eh?

ANYWAYS. I had a good dinner on Friday night and saw my family once I got home :P

Saturday morning, I spent some time backing up my files onto my hard drive before restoring my computer to factory settings because it'd been blue screening on me for a while - I only got my laptop in January, so I don't know what's up with that..

By Saturday afternoon, I was munching lunch in Byron with two of my favourite people before spending the rest of the day shopping around and grabbing a quick Snog in between.

Natural yoghurt with oreo cookies, granola and mochi

Blueberry yoghurt with strawberries, blueberries and banana

Natural yoghurt with strawberries


We chilled for a while in the seating area outside H&M for a while, playing Solitaire and Fruit Ninja until it hit around 7pm. Then we left for London - free parking!

We played a game of pool before queuing for a table at Satsuma on Wardour Street. I don't actually remember how long we waited for, but the food was definitely worth the wait. I really wanted to sit in one of the booths they had, and luckily, we got to!

Look how pretty and cosy it looks! :)
We didn't take long in deciding what we wanted.. we ordered so much food that the waitress had to ask us if we were sure about it XD

I thought this was cute :P
Scallop katsu 
Salmon sashimiiiiiii
Clockwise from top left to right: ebi prawn tempura rolls, california rolls, soft shell crab tempura rollssalmon and avocado rolls
Soft shell crab tempura rolls
Beef yaki soba
Chicken katsu curry
We wanted to grab some Scoop crepe afterwards but because I couldn't get home too late, we're saving that for next time. Definite pictures when I go!

On Sunday night, Dad brought home some lobster and prawns, which led to us mucking around with them ^^"

*mwah* *mwah* :P
 We had them for dinner the following night :D

It was a good night of chilling with the family :)

I almost missed my train on Tuesday because the tube didn't go all the way to Aldgate and I had to wait, but luckily I managed to make it on the train with 10 minutes to spare.

So yeah, that was my super long weekend break in one post :P

I had a really good long weekend - it definitely made up for the stressful week that I had. It feels a bit weird to be back at SB now, especially because I've had such a long break from doing some proper work. I'm slowly getting back into the routine of having group meetings and meeting lecturers though. 

I can't wait for Easter to come so that I can spend some quality time at home with my family and friends. It already feels like I've been away from home for ages, but I only got back the day before yesterday >< There are loads of deadlines lined up and waiting for completion before and after the Easter holidays, but I'm looking forward to just being in London, away from this place they call Sutton Bonington.

Hope you're all good!



  1. Wow the food looks delicious in all of your photos! The frozen yogurt looks so yummy with all of the fruit toppings on it. I've never been to one of those froyo places still - definitely have to try it at least once! :)

    1. Sorry for the super late reply >< I hadn't had a frozen yoghurt for years! I remember they used to make it fresh in front of you :P It was a bit expensive but it was worth it :) plus it's okay as long as I don't eat it all the time! XD I agree - definitely try it at least once! Xx

  2. P.S. Your receipt total is indeed very unluckily. But don't think about it too much - superstitutions are just superstitutions :)

    1. I've been getting a lot of fours in everything I do lately >< just taking them as coincidences! Xx

  3. the decor and food looks amazing!...happens to be around dinner time right now over here in the states! LOL oh geez. thanks for sharing ^_^

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Hope you had some good food that night to make up for the craving! :) Xx

  4. You're killing me.. I'm so hungry right now. >< hehe

    It's good that you had a great weekend, definitely needed after long work/school days!

    1. Sorry for the late reply!! I totally agree - hanging out with friends and eating yummy food is destressing! :P (shopping helps too! :P) Xx

  5. All the food looks amazing. I really like Japanese food and the lobster spaghetti looks amazing! Yummy froyo makes me want to have froyo now *drools*

    1. Hey Joey! Sorry for the late reply >< Did you ever try Snog or one of the other froyo places when you were here?? My own post is making me crave sushi XD Hope you're well! Xx

  6. hoooly, all your food photos look so good!

    1. Sorry for the late reply! I was just on your blog and saw the lindor chocolates.. now I have a huge craving for some :( Xx

  7. All that food is making me so hungry!!!! It looks yummy, especially the youghurt! xx

  8. OMg i just want to eat everything T__T
    middle of night.. so hungry now


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