Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Review: Ted Baker 'The Name On Everyone's Lips'

I recently received the Ted Baker 'The Name On Everyone's Lips' lip crayon set from my sister, who thought I would enjoy these having seen my small collection of lip crayons.

The set comes as a beautiful purple ballet print tin, containing four different lip crayons similar to the popular Clinique Chubby Sticks and Revlon Lip Balm Stains.

This set comes with four different shades, all of which are easily identifiable by the packaging itself. Each lip crayon is printed with gold lettering and the product is accessed through twisting the bottom of the crayon itself.

Unfortunately, none of these lip crayons have shade names or numbers - I'm not aware if you can buy these individually or not, but it would definitely be a huge inconvenience if you were trying to purchase a specific shade..

The gold lettering is so pretty! But I have a feeling that this will fade off easily - the printed lettering on my Revlon lip balm stains have already faded after a trip in my hand bag..

The shades are very pigmented, and in terms of moisture, these feel a little less moisturising than the Revlon Lip Balm Stains. The colour is easily buildable, with the light pink-purple shade (far right) being the most sheer. As seen in the photo below, there are micro-glitters in the brighter pink shade (the first shade in the photo above).

The glitters in this pink shade are not really noticeable unless you look closely. None of these shades are especially matte or shiny - they just remind me of the Revlon lip balm stains in terms of consistency; just without the minty scent. It would be worth noting that these crayons do not have any scents, which some of you might prefer.

In terms of removal, the above photo shows my attempt to remove the lip crayons using Avène Micellar Lotion. As you can tell, the lip crayons have a good staining 'ability'. Even rubbing my arm quite hard, the colour did not seem to budge. 

Clinique's two-phase oil and water formula, a.k.a. their 'Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes and Lips' is great for removing this product. After one wipe, the majority of the colour is removed. If you end up purchasing these lip crayons, I highly recommend using this make up remover as it works so well without the need to try too hard.

Overall, these lip crayons are definitely worth the money - priced at £15 for all four crayons, it's a huge saving compared to the £16 for one Clinique Chubby Stick or £7.99 for the Revlon Lip Balm Stains. If you can get these individually, I highly recommend the first and third shades in my swatches; they're my favourite out of the set!


  1. aww this is a great gift from your sister :) Its lovely to receive nice make-up to use. I have the revlon just bitten lipstains but i find that the minty scent is quite off-putting so a unfragranced product is preferable for me. I love the packaging of this and i'm sure that the tin will come in handy for some make-up storage :)

    Thanks for the review, i hope you have a lovely day! <3

    Ying ♥ || *- YingcBeauty-*
    X x X x X

    1. :) I actually like the minty scent of the Revlon balm stains! I only own two, but Romantic is already a favourite :p Xx


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