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Paris: Day 3

This is the third post in my Paris series. You can read up on previous posts here: 1, 2.

Our third day in Paris was spent in Versailles, roaming through Marie Antoinette's palace!

Breakfast was chocolate biscuits and lemon iced tea, with a side of Parisian landscape.

I forget how many times we changed trains, but the tunnels in Paris are so much more interesting than the ones in London (at least that's what I think) - there were plenty of big adverts and decorative visuals on the walls.

Once we'd found the correct platform for our train into Versailles, we spotted a giant poster of what I recognised as the bridge from the Inception movie! Of course, we had to pretend that we were taking a stroll..!

It wasn't long before we realised that the real thing was actually just outside the station, and that we had actually been on top of the bridge on the previous days when we had taken the Metro (Line 6)!!

When our train finally arrived, it was in the form of a two-decker... the only form of two-decker public transport I had ever seen was a bus, so naturally, photos were obligatory :D

After what felt like forever (read: probably just over an hour) and no idea what the driver was announcing, we finally got off the train in the hope that we'd alighted at the right place... basically, we just followed random strangers off the train...

The surroundings were not what we had expected... it was run down and appeared to be deserted. Once we were out of the station, we followed the crowds and climbed aboard a bus that seemed to lead us to the Palace of Versailles.

Once we'd got off, we were faced with roads lined with trees and crowds of people making their way towards the palace.

It was difficult to see what the palace looked like from so far away, but it reminded me of The Mall in London, leading up to Buckingham Palace.

It was so relaxing walking under the trees with the light breeze!

The queuing began as soon as we'd set foot within the boundaries of the palace.. anyone without a European passport was required to purchase a ticket.

After queuing inside for a while, we decided to join the seemingly never-ending queue outside in the scorching sun, whilst we left Sharon to queue indoors for her tickets.

We must have queued for almost two hours before we finally reached the beautiful golden gates... we saw some pretty innovative hats created from tourist maps!

I loved how the gold details never seemed to be overwhelming... like a delicate way of displaying wealth, without making the whole palace look garish.

May have had a bit too much fun...

Versailles in most languages!

We also came across a small Laduree shop that sold the cutest and unjustifiably priced macaron key rings. They would have made the most amazing gifts, had it not cost about £33 and weighed a ton.

There seemed to be plenty of these creepy-looking faces all around Paris too.. not sure what or who they represent?

There were so many scaled models of the palace and gardens, which really put into perspective just how vast the gardens really were, and why you were recommended to visit Versailles on two separate occasions if you wanted to view both areas of the palace!

It already took us about half a day to walk through the palace... imagine walking through the whole garden too!

This was one of my favourite parts of the palace. The balance of natural light showed off the ceiling decoration beautifully, and the white columns seemed like an extra touch in making the whole place seem more structured and serene. I think I have a thing for pillars... :/ I've been wanting to see the Urban Light sculpture by Chris Burden at LACMA ever since I saw a few bloggers post outfit photos with those street lights (that look to me like pillars)...

^ Can you see the creepy face?

Behold, the Hall of Mirrors!

I'm definitely going to try and fit a chandelier in my future home!

We had our extremely late lunch at a restaurant down the side street next to the palace. I had the most amazing mussels and chips, whilst Kin had a portion of steak and chips.

The sauce that came with his steak was so good!! I really miss French food sometimes...

Fluffy dessert! (That wasn't too great actually)

On our way towards the gardens after lunch!

Unfortunately, we only had about 45 minutes left before the gardens were closing. As the gardens would cost us just under £10, we gave it a miss and let Sharon (who had bought a ticket for both palace and garden entry) wander through them and help us take photos.

Eventually we made our way back towards the train station... but not without stopping at a few tourist shops first!

Once we'd made it back to the Metro station, we went to find what we called 'The Inception Bridge'.

The view from the bridge was so picturesque - the bright blue sky, the Eiffel Tower, and the River Seine!

Our attempt at a non-selfie group picture!

When on the Inception Bridge, carry out Photo-ception! (Apologies for gnarly nails)

We took a short stroll nearby afterwards, and I ended up in my natural habitat!

How is it possible to not step into a French pharmacy in France?? The boys got bored and went to find the local supermarket instead...

We made our way back to the apartment for a quick shower and nap, before heading back out to climb the Eiffel Tower.

The view from atop the Inception Bridge! By this time, the sun was setting, and the sky was a beautiful orange-pink.

Before long, we had arrived and were faced with the iconic landmark of Paris.

Look at all that intricate detail!

After way too many flights of stairs, we finally made it. The view was truly unbelievable.

Time to reach out to some fellow tourists for some group photos!

The guy helping us take the photos had to check that Joe (far right) was actually part of our entourage "is he in the photo too?" XD

Don't we look sort of photoshopped on in both photos? :P

We saw a little girl's parents celebrate her birthday with her on the Eiffel Tower! It was so cute, and so many tourists were drawn to join in and sing "Happy Birthday" to the lucky girl.

The Eiffel Tower was set to literally sparkle all over at timed intervals, which I loved seeing up close.

Eventually, it was time to leave and we made our way back down in the lift (not sure if we were actually supposed to walk).

We began to make our way back towards the hotel, and realised that it was too late to grab a proper dinner at a restaurant (it was almost midnight). Once we had arrived at our station, we set about looking for places that were still open. Everything but our local bar appeared shut... even the local kebab and pizza shops were strangely closed!

Eventually, we walked back towards the bar and they offered us a range of cold meats and bread. They mentioned that they were only able to use the oven as the kitchen was officially closed, and gave us the option of having a potato-cheese bake... I was ravenous and I love potato, so I opted straight for the bake. Joe had the same, whilst Kin had the meat selection. Sharon wasn't hungry, so just had a drink.

It was hard to believe that a potato-cheese bake made in a bar about to close for the evening was able to produce one of the best meals I had ever tasted.

It looked so simple, and it may have been the hunger, but the mixes of cheese with the fluffy potatoes was like nothing I had tasted before. It was far superior to any jacket potato with cheese that I had ever had. It didn't even taste like jacket potato! The waitress said it was made with three different types of cheeses... the perfect blend of rich cheese and potato :D

It was definitely worth the greasy and fat feeling I felt at 1am in the morning...

Shortly after, we walked back to our apartment. I won't lie. I must've knocked out pretty quickly.

Disclaimer: The amazingly beautiful and professional shots featured in this blog post are not my own. They have been used with kind permission from Kin :) A few of my own photos do appear, but the majority do not belong to me.


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