Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Paris: Day 5

This was our last day in Paris. You can catch up with the previous four days here: 1, 2, 3, 4.

After the previous day's excitement, we spent our final day in Paris with a spot on shopping and super last minute sight seeing.

Our first stop was at Galeries Lafayette, a French department store that I personally like to explain to people as the French version of Selfridges. Granted, the interior design is far more beautiful in Galeries Lafayette - just look at the ceiling!

Once Sharon had made her purchases, we headed back out towards the Metro station, where my dessert radar located a free-standing Amorino store just across the road!

I went all out and asked for three different flavours, since it was our last day... totally justifiable, no?! I seem to remember choosing the lemon, hazelnut (nocciola) and raspberry. Just thinking about the lemon flavour is making my mouth water D:

With me devouring my Amorino, we headed towards Musée de Louvre for some last minute tourist shots.

We then hurried back to our apartment to finish up packing and headed for the airport. Sharon had a forward flight to Belgium later that evening, but came with us to the airport. Once we'd arrived, we checked in, strolled through a few souvenir shops, then found a place to chill out together in our last hour or so together :(

With our hand luggage in tow, we said our sad goodbyes to Sharon and headed towards security and immigration. Before we'd even managed to reach the queue, we were pulled aside by a couple of Air France staff who gestured towards the luggage measurement racks and requested to weigh our hand luggage.

At this point, I panicked. I knew for sure that my suitcase would not fit into the luggage rack - the wheels make it too long to fit! Despite this, I did as requested and hoisted my luggage onto the rack. Turns out it doubled up as a weighing scale! Once my suitcase was balanced safely on top of the metal rack, the staff asked me to place my hand bag on top - a huge, black, never-ending pit of a bag...

Needless to say, I was heavily overweight - as was Kin. We were both instructed to go immediately to the baggage drop counter and pay £30 each to check in our luggage. (Joe had only brought cabin luggage so just waited during our ordeal.) In refusal to pay such an extortionate price for a few extra kilos, we opened our suitcases there and then, deciding to put on every single piece of heavy clothing we could find. On top of the day's ensemble which consisted of a lace dress and my emergency shorts, I immediately donned a pair of jean shorts, a pair of Converse, a tank top, a t-shirt and a jumper. I gave my non-liquid make up to Joe as he still had some space in his backpack, and wheeled my suitcase back over to the guy who had been dealing with me.

I was still overweight. So was Kin. But when I looked up at the man weighing our suitcases, I could tell that he didn't care any more - he knew that all we'd do would be to reopen those suitcases and throw on more clothing.

It was such an eventful departure, I'll never forget this holiday. It took us from a sad farewell that caused a few tears from Sharon, to her laughing at us endlessly with Joe filming it on his phone.

It was definitely one of the best holidays I've ever had - it's funny how you can become so close to people when you've known them for such a short amount of time!

Thank you for reading this long overdue and extensive blog series - I really enjoy reliving my holidays and sharing them with everyone. To many more holidays to come!


Disclaimer: The amazingly beautiful and professional shots featured in this blog post are not my own. They have been used with kind permission from Kin :) A few of my own photos do appear, but the majority do not belong to me.


  1. Oh my gosh, Paris looks so amazingly beautiful! I can't wait to go in October! :)

    Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

    1. I've never been in the colder months! I would love to know what it's like - it must feel so much more romantic! :) Xx


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