Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Korea Haul: Nature Republic

Firstly, I must confess that I forgot to include one of my favourite items in this post - the famous Soothing & Moisture Aloe Gel! I somehow forgot to take a photo of the huge green tub! A brief review however; a great, lightweight and refreshing gel that applies easily and soothes my skin without breaking me out. Dry patches require exfoliation and extra moisturiser, but this is a cheap and relaxing way to soften and rejuvenate tired or dull parts of the body.

Anyway, moving on. Having never tried any of Nature Republic's foundations, I chose the Botanical Vanilla foundation having noticed BeauTeen Pouch use it constantly on YouTube.

I had a dilemma picking the right shade in store - it didn't help that the store assistant continuously followed me around the store and provided no help at all... After swatching for a while with her watching me like a hawk, I decided to employ her skills and asked her which shade would suit my skin tone. She responded with: 'just go with the darker shade - they are both very similar and if you don't just pick one, you will stand here all day swatching. It won't make a difference.' The service was certainly the most terrible I had received in the shopping district - all the other stores and their assistants were exceedingly helpful and not at all rude or obtrusive!

I ended up going with shade 21 Vanilla Nude, as the majority of Korean BB and CC creams that I own are in this shade. Plus, as this was the paler shade out of the two, I concluded that it would be easier to warm up a lighter foundation with bronzer, than having to mix a darker foundation with a paler one.

For some reason, the blogosphere seems to imply that this product is being phased out soon, but I saw no signs of this in Korea - stock seemed abundant, and there didn't seem to be a push to get rid of it. I have yet to try this, so I am hoping that if this gains Holy Grail status, it will still be around for me to repurchase whenever I manage to finish it (read: most likely after several years).

Next, I purchased the Nature Republic Angel Lip Balm in 01 Peach Tint Balm. I had read several reviews online before my trip, all highly rating this product and comparing it to the Dior Lip Glow. It was no surprise that this shade was sold out in every Nature Republic store that I stepped foot in. I visited all the stores in Myeongdeong to no avail, before keeping an eye out at stores that we passed on our travels. Eventually, I found it in a Nature Republic store housed in a subway underground mall, owned by an extremely friendly and helpful male shop owner! Also: I may have bought the second last one!! :D

The product itself comes in a lipstick form, with a transparent light pink bullet which changes colour on application, leading to a wide variety of different shades depending on your natural lip colour. For me, the product provides a lively, bright-ish pink colour that doesn't scream for attention, but gives a little more colour to my overall complexion. I love how light and moisturing this is - it isn't sticky, and feels exactly like the Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm which is my absolute staple. I continuously reach for this product, and it is no surprise that I am gutted that I didn't leave the store with that very last lip balm.

What do I say about this concealer? I was not planning to purchase this product, but when I saw the advert claiming 'Good Bye!' to under eye darkness, I thought it would be worth a try - anything promising the cover up of dark circles and flawless skin tends to get me like that.

Again, I purchased shade 21, this time called Light Beige.

The product itself comes in a squeeze tube, which is new for me. All the concealers that I own either come in a mini pump bottle, a 'twist and click' dispensible pen, a stick, or a pot. The packaging is a lot more hygienic than the majority of my concealer collection, and it is something that I am grateful for. It also makes it easier to dispense the right amount of product, and is easier to clean.

Indoor swatch of Nature Republic Botanical Concealer in Shade 21, Light Beige

Outdoor swatch of Nature Republic Botanical Concealer in Shade 21, Light Beige
Unfortunately, it was getting a little dark at this point ><

On swatching, I actually found the product to be a little drying. It sets quite quickly, which can make it difficult to work with. Alternatively, warming the product up may help with application, but may be time consuming and waste a lot of product. I have not yet tried this on my face, so cannot vouch for its longevity, or how it sits alongside other make up.

Of my Nature Republic purchases, I would highly recommend the Aloe Gel and the Angel Lip Balm - that's two out of two products that I have tried! I will report back on the other two products, but in the meantime, get looking for that Lip Balm!!

Have you tried these products before? 
What are your Nature Republic must haves?

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