Sunday, 5 April 2015

Asia 2014: South Korea - Day 6 [Last Day]

You can catch up with our South Korea trip here: 012.12.2345.

On our final day in Seoul, we headed for Lotte Young Plaza where they had plenty of Line merchandise!

We also managed to find some really cute stuff in the beauty department. How adorable are these portable hot hair tools?

After wandering around inside for a while, we decided to locate a good restaurant for lunch as nothing in the Plaza took our fancy.

Eventually, we ended up here:

The restaurant looked relatively busy, and it only sold jjimdak (steamed chicken)! Customers can choose from chicken with or without bones, before selecting the size of the dish - small, medium, or large :)

This was a meal that stood out to me because it seemed so simple, yet it was so delicious. There was no hint of spiciness and it was the perfect accompaniment to a bowl of steaming rice.

After lunch, we met up with Sarah and headed to Lotte Mart for some serious gift buying...

What better gift can you get than food?! 

We made our way back to the hotel with our jam-packed paper bags on the metro with plenty of people staring at us :P

After dropping the food off, we headed back out for the Banpo Bridge. We aimed to arrive just before the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain began its last show for the evening.

We made it just as the music began to play, and rushed forward to secure a spot for the perfect view.

As the music continued, the lights changed colour and set the mood for the fountain's next dance. It was a calming experience, and I would have stayed after the show just to relax if we had had the time.

Unfortunately, we had to make our way back as soon as the show finished in order to leave enough time to grab dinner and pack for our early flights the next day.

During our walk back to the metro station, we stopped by a convenience store for some much needed refreshment.

Water melon ice lolly, anyone? :)

Our last photo together for this trip :(

Our last dinner in South Korea came from the restaurant situated next to the 7/11 by our hotel. We had walked past this almost every day, but never ventured inside. As it was one of the only places still open so late, we headed straight inside.

I remember having soup dumplings with rice, but the food was not particularly special. We were just grateful that we managed to find somewhere to fill our stomachs.

There was a lady who sat on a table close to us, wrapped tightly in her coat and wearing large sunglasses - indoors; in the evening. We suspected that perhaps she'd had plastic surgery, which is not uncommon in South Korea. We actually bumped into her the next morning in the lift - which fuelled our suspicions even more, since one of the first floors of the building was actually a plastic surgery clinic!

Anyway. After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and finished packing.

I don't think anyone can complain about souvenirs if you gift them as many delicious Korean snacks as you can fly back; my colleagues certainly didn't!

With that, my time in South Korea came to an end. The next morning, Kin and I boarded the plane back to Hong Kong, ready for the next leg of our Asia tour. Our time in South Korea had been brief but we had so many unforgettable experiences. We met new people, tried new foods, and learnt bits of a new language. I can safely say that I would love to go back one day, and I highly recommend a trip to South Korea. There is so much to see, and so much to learn. There is still so much for us to explore!

If you have been following from the start of our Korea trip, thank you so much for sticking with us. It has taken ages to get these up, but I'm so glad that I have something to physically look back on now. 

To more adventures to come!


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