Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Asia 2014: Taiwan - Day 2

 You can find our first day in Taiwan here.

 On our second day, Kin took me to Taiwan's first underground shopping centre - Taipei City Mall!

There were so many cute pictures on the walls; some even had props so you could get a decent photo!

 I wasn't in a very good mood that morning, but this cheered me up a little... hahaha. So fitting.

There are 187 shops within the Taipei City Mall, and roughly 50 of them are eateries! We settled for an extremely pink Taiwanese cafe for lunch, since most of the other restaurants were cramped or cuisines that we could easily find in the UK.

Kin had a deliciously crispy and succulent chicken dish that came with rice, vegetables, a fried egg, and tofu. I happily helped with the munching of the chicken and tofu. It was so good! I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you end up in the shopping mall at any point during your trip!

I had a dumpling dish that came with a side of fish balls in soup. The meat inside the dumplings were a little pink, so I sent it back to make sure they were fully cooked. The staff assured me it was due to the marinating that occurred prior to making the dumplings. I was a little skeptical, but I ate it all and I lived...! Woohoo!

The restaurant also had an area to grab your own soup, courtesy of the kitchen! We weren't too sure of what it was, so passed after taking a photo :P

We ended up shopping for quite a few hours - I purchased several pieces of clothing, a pair of sandals, and two bags :D

Next, we made our way through Taipei Station where we stopped for a Starbucks (legs were way too tired), before stopping off at a Yamazaki bakery! I still remember the famous pineapple and chocolate chip bun that they used to sell at the Colindale store. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any, but I did manage to get some other scrummy delights!

Classy restaurant, anyone?

After snacking on these funky breads, we headed to Taipei's famous camera street (Hankou Street) and searched for a camera filter for Kin, and a camera strap for my new camera :) We also stopped at the post office, which was really big and actually pretty cool, as well as stepping into Mirada; a store which felt like a department store, but mainly sold cosmetics, toiletries, hair accessories, and food.

For dinner, we headed to Shida Night Market. We managed to scoff down some choose-your-own hot pot type food that we'd seen the previous evening at Raohe Street, before the drizzle slowly turned to torrential downpour.

We ended up abandoning our yummy dinner plans; even our newly purchased umbrella couldn't protect us from the elements! We stopped off at a convenience store where we bought some pot noodles and bottled water, before scarpering through the rain to catch the train back to the hotel.

Our evening in the streets of Taipei came to an end, but we continued the fun by watching more Breaking Bad and chomping on our pot noodles :P it's always nice to find time to wind down on holiday, no matter how much you cram in to see!

Disclaimer: The amazingly beautiful and professional shots featured in this blog post are not my own. They have been used with kind permission from Kin :) A few belonging to myself appear, but the majority do not belong to me.


  1. the fried noodles sandwich seems delicious! :)


    1. We didn't get to try it, but I did like their pork floss bun!! Xx


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