Sunday, 28 February 2016

Prague 2015: Day 2

You can view our first day in the Prague series here.

On our second day, we slept through breakfast and made our way towards Prague Castle.

On our way through the Old Jewish Quarter, we passed the Franz Kafka statue that we saw on our tour of town, before passing the Jewish Synagogue and the Prague State Opera.

Eventually we began the long ascent (the first of many stairs) up towards Prague Castle; stopping to take photos of the beautiful view of town below.

As we had left the hotel late, we only just made it in time to see the soldiers marching into the castle whilst their counterparts played instruments from the courtyard windows as part of the changing of guards. Funny how I've never made an adult effort to see the changeover in London.

Once it was over, we hung around to see if any of the guards would be free for a photo. Unfortunately, the one I asked said he was busy... so we left the Castle and headed outside for photos of the architecture and surrounding scenery.

Luckily, they had guards outside who could not object (but always refused to look at the camera!)

Next, we went to St Vitus' Cathedral, whose bells we had heard toll on the hour, signalling the changing of guards.

The stained glass windows within the cathedral were stunning and so colourful!

I loved the gold details on the exterior of the bell tower! 

We managed to catch some guards patrolling through the castle.

Eventually, we headed for the tourist centre where we purchased two tickets for entry to climb the bell tower! If you are planning to visit Prague and aren't sure whether or not to do this - definitely do, unless you are claustrophobic, scared of heights, or get dizzy easily; the stairs are a never-ending spiral with no space in the middle section for you to look up and see how much further you have to go for the top!

The view from the top is truly breathtaking, and one of the best in Prague.

Afterwards, we headed back towards Charles Bridge.

Prague Castle in the distance.

One of my favourite photos of us :)
By this point, I was tired and desperate to have a break from the cold. We decided to head to Tri Cafe; a cosy cafe that served up delicious cakes and one of the prettiest mochas I have ever had!

Poppy seed cake, mocha, and chocolate brownie!
Another bonus was that the cafe was quite close to Charles Bridge, which made it easy for us to go back and see it in the street light as we wished.

Nothing quite like a romantic stroll along Charles Bridge.

For dinner, we tried our luck with U Magistra Kelly - highly rated, with a homely and relaxing atmosphere, and hearty, delicious food. It is now the restaurant that I recommend to all my friends as a must visit in Prague!

The restaurant was busy, and we were about to walk away, (for some reason in Prague, they always seem to turn you away rather than offer you a waiting time for the next table) when an older couple noticed that we were eager to eat at the restaurant. They let us know that they were leaving soon, and asked us to give them a few minutes. Soon enough, they left, and we were granted their table and the delicious offerings from the kitchen!

I opted for their Angus Beef Goulash, which came with a basket of hearty bread. We also went for their potato dippers - what I can only describe as sliced open chips, deep fried until super crispy; I was in foodie heaven. I am yet to find a place that does chips as good as they did!

Kin went for the Grilled Pork Knuckle, which came with a side salad and roasted potatoes. The pork skin was well 'crackled' and the meat was juicy and tender!

Knowing that dessert is my favourite meal (unless the meal is chips), Kin let me choose our third and last course. I went for the 'traditional sweet mini buns with vanilla cream and chocolate a la fondue'. Essentially, this was brioche for you to dip in cream and chocolate sauce. The brioche was so soft and fluffy! The vanilla cream was not too sweet, but it was creamy and paired well with the brioche.

With our satisfied tummies, we head back for the hotel, stopping along the way for more photos of Prague in its romantic lighting.

I think this was the night that made me fall hardest for Prague - no other country has ever felt so relaxing and magical!

I've been preoccupied with grown up life stuff, but I will aim to complete this Prague series whenever I can. I'm not actually sure how many people really read my full entries, or any of my entries at all... But these serve me as a great reminder of my holidays, and always make me smile when I remember :)

Disclaimer: The amazingly beautiful and professional shots featured in this blog post are not my own. They have been used with kind permission from Kin :) A few belonging to myself appear, but the majority do not belong to me.

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