This is a personal blog written and edited by me - Priscilla. If you have any questions about my blog, please contact me at priprilove@hotmail.co.uk. This blog has been created to share my random thoughts, my interest and love for all things beauty and fashion related, and for those random moments in life when I need some stress relief.  This is my miniature world of anything and everything.

All of the products mentioned in this blog were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with any of these companies unless otherwise indicated in my posts. All of my reviews are done in 100% honesty and come from my own experiences unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that if I claim a product to work well for me, it may not necessarily work in the same way for you - everyone is different; I am just here to share my personal thoughts and experiences. 

All pictures posted on this blog belong to me. Sources for any pictures that do not belong to me will be provided in the blog post in which they are featured. Please do not take my pictures without my permission. If you would like to use my pictures, please contact me by email. If you use my pictures with permission, please remember to credit me and link it back to my blog. Thank you.

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